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Hey everyone! So i hope you like my UU team. Here it is down below.

enter image description here
[email protected] orb
EV's:252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

  • Fake out
  • Return
  • Low Kick
  • Shadow Claw

(Wanna fight with me? Dont even think about it!) The combination of Technician-boosted Fake Out and STAB Return will do significant damage to Pokemon lacking bulk or a resistance to it.Low kick is to sweep down heavy pokemon and shadow claw to have some coverage against those ghost types.

enter image description here
[email protected] Orb
EV's:252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

  • Nasty Plot
  • Psychic
  • Fire Blast
  • Thunderbolt

(The guy who gave willpower to everyone made himself timid.) .This set has worked pretty well for me.Nasty plot boosts azelf's special attack allowing a tremendous boost to its Spa stat.Psychic is the best stab azelf can get.Fire blast gives a lot of coverage for azelf.The same goes for thunderbolt as well.

enter image description here
[email protected]
EV's:252 HP / 120 Def / 136 SpD

  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Recover
  • Taunt
  • Night shade

(A tricky little monster guy here.Muhahahaha).Recover helps Sableye to continually take hits, and due to Prankster it will move first almost all of the time. Will-O-Wisp cripples the the attack stat of the physical attackers and also takes away its Hp.Taunt to prevent pokemon to set up some stat raising moves or stealth rocks,etc and night shade for preventing sableye to become a taunt bait.

enter image description here
[email protected] Berry
EV's:252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

  • Dragon Dance
  • Hi Jump Kick
  • Crunch
  • Ice Punch

(Bring it On,freaks!)After one dragon dance boost,scrafty will have enough attack and speed to get rid of many pokemons.Hi jump kick is my prefered stab move for scrafty as it deals a lot of damage.Crunch is to get rid of those ghost and psychic types.Ice punch a reliable move to take care of the flying weakness.

enter image description here
[email protected] Orb
EV's:4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

  • Heat Wave
  • Thunderbolt
  • Volt Switch
  • HP-Fighting

(I'm really offensive! Beware!) Heat wave takes care of those ice types and for more coverage. Thunderbolt is the best Stab move it can get.Volt switch helps you to scout away after doing some damage.HP-fighting for more coverage against those rock types.

enter image description here
[email protected]
EV's:252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe

  • Stealth Rock
  • Toxic
  • Earthquake
  • Roost

(Move aside,i'm here to produce an earthquake!)I really needed a guy to set up some stealth rock. Toxic slowly KO's the foe.Almost all Pokemon that are immune to Toxic are weak to Earthquake.Roost for some healing up.

Hope you like it!

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Life Orb > Normal Gem on Ambi, and Lum Berry/Leftovers > Life Orb on Scrafty.
you might want to run shed skin if not doing lum berry scrafty
If you are running Dragon Dance you want Moxie + Lum Berry, if you are running Bulk Up then Shed Skin is usually preferred.
I actually tought of keeping lum berry.Had a big confusion between life orb and lum berry.Didn't know what to use.Maybe since u guys suggested about lum berry,i am using it.I will also try life orb as well.
There are 2 reasons why you want Lum Berry > LO

1.) Provided you are at +2(which is realistic w/Moxie and Idk if +1 would KO) Lum Berry lets Scrafty take a Will-O-Wisp from Sableye, and you can KO with Crunch, furthering your sweep and raising your attack even more.

2.) If something comes in and you can't OHKO it, a Life Orb will drain your HP every time you attack the enemy, so you could end up losing a large chunk of your HP trying to break a wall (If you don't have enough Attack boosts)
i see ur point.Anything else that needs to be improved?
U-Turn > Shadow Claw
shadow claw is better
Pursuit then
roost > volt switch and Im pretty sure zapdos gets focus blast
my team is really good gligurr.I think its GREAT!
its not great if you use SS' suggestion. No offense :/

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Well then, I guess I've come to the right place. Here we go!


Now, like I did to Dr. Flame's team, I'm gonna suggest Aerial Ace. It's only an option, but the Fighting types will hate it, if you ever get stuck.


Ok, we can change this a little bit here. Not many people will agree with me, but I prefer Extrasensory over Psychic. Also, change Fire Blast to Shadow Ball.


Looks ok, nice work.


I found a problem, but I don't remember. Huh.


Alright, nice and straight, I'll give you my Zapdos set. It's a lot more offensive.

Zapdos (X) @ Choice Specs/Choice Scarf
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 4 HP, 252 SpAtk, 252 Spe
Modest Nature
Heat Wave
Hidden Power

This set allows you to just keep on fighting Physical walls. I found it works well with Choice Scarf, too. One for power, one for Speed. Whichever you prefer.


I do like the set.

Well, I hope these come in handy. There you go. :D

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It's only 10 less power, plus it has nearly triple as much PP as Psychic does.
This is the exact same as DP and ND.
DP and ND?
Dark Pulse and Night Daze. People use Dark Pulse over Night Daze on Zoroarks because of the extra 5% accuracy.
Why does everyone choose to pick on me? -_-