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I alternate the lead depending on my opponent's team

Tyranitar @ zoom lens
Nature: sassy
Evs/ivs: 252spatk 128 spdef 60atk 64hp 0spdiv's
Moves: stone edge, fireblast, blizzard, thunder
Ability: sandstream
Why: ok this poke has pretty decent spatk when maxed out. Those ininaccurate powerful moves will have above 90 accuracy if it can move second thanx to zoomlens. Also it sets up sandstorm.

Hippodon @ leftovers
Nature: impish
Evs: 252def 4hp 252atk
Moves: stealthrock, toxic, earthquake, seedbomb
Ability: sandstream
Why: when playing on showdown, if you use a weather team for some unholy reason they put you up against every other weather team so I use both sandstreamers. It has stealth rocks to cause trouble and toxic and sanstorm is a *****. Earthquake is a strong stab move and seed bomb has surprize value and kills water types.

Cradilly @ leftovers
Nature : bold
Evs: 252def 252hp 4 spdef
Moves: gigadrain, leachseed, toxic, ancient power
Ability: stotmdrain
Why: it stalls like a ***** cuz of leftovers and leachseed and toxic. It cangive seed support to a switch In. In a sand storm its spdef increases by 50% making it an awesome mixed wall as. It has antiant power basically just for the stab

Forrtress @ leftovers
Nature: bold
Evs 252hp 252spdef 4def
Moves: spikes, toxic spike, voltswitch, rapidspin
Ability: sturdy
Why: fortress nuogh said.

Golurk @ choice scarf
Nature: jolly
Evs: 252spd 252atk 252spdaf
Moves: drainpunch, shadowpunch, earthquake, icepunch
Ability: ironfist
Why: its a spin blocker that can dish out a few hits with a bitchin stab combo. It has drain punch just for some recovery and to hit dark types

Skarmory @ leftovers
Nature: impish
Evs: 252def 252 hp 4spdef
Moves: wirlwind, stealwing, roost, drillpeck
Ability: sturdy
Why: wirlwing can be used to get a lot of entry hazard damage on my opponent. Roost is just so it lasts longer. And since I have a couple pokes for entry hazards I gave it 2 stab moves. I gave it steal wing cuz of its added effect and the fact nobody else uses it.

Throw in Excadrill

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