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Dinner is served

Politoed- Leftovers
Trait- Drizzle
Evs- 252 Hp/ 252 Def./ 4 Speed/
°Ice Beam
°Perish Song/ Encore

Tentacruel- Black Sludge
Trait- Rain Dish
Evs- 252 Hp/ 236 Def./ 20 Speed/
°Toxic Spin
°Rapid Spin

Ferrothorn- Rocky Helmet
Trait- Iron Barbs
Evs- 4 Hp/ 252 Def./ 252 SpD./
°Leech Seed
°Stealth Rock
°Gyro Ball

Thunderus(T)- Life Orb
Trait- Volt Absorb
Evs- 4 Def./ 252 SpA./ 252 Speed/
°Grass Knot

Toxicroak- Black Slugde
Trait- Dry Skin
Evs- 4 Hp/ 252 Atk./ 252 Speed/
°Bulk Up
°Drain Punch
°Sucker Punch

Gyarados- Choice Scarf
Trait- Moxie
Evs- 4 Hp/ 252 Atk./ 252 Speed/
°Ice Fang

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Why not give toxicroak black sludge
t wave + gyro ball?
running two black sludge on the same is ban right?
lol this is really standard looking.
you should run a d-dance set with gyarados
Actually Gyarados runa a pretty good Scarf set.
lol this does look too standard
1.Try having U-Turn instead of Agility on your Thundurus
2.You cant have 2 black sludge, try having something else like Muscle band
3.If you want to you can also have Poison jab instead of Sucker punch on your Toxicroak

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