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Greetings all and Welcome to my Seafloor Palace. Here I am not the
Valet of the palace but thepalace's lord and master C: However I have entrusted a
few of my trusty water types as councilors and the reigning monarchs
of this palace. However things don't tend to go as smooth as they
usually do in this palace. For this reason I ask of your advise all
yea DB~Users. The grassland castle tends to plague as with attacks,
however my Brave soldiers prefer not to attack with Ice type move but
rather fight with the pride and joy of a water type. So my request to
you is to help me find a way to crush these pesky grasslanders without
having to use my brotherly Ice types aid Oh, I haven't introduced my
warriors? Pardon me for that Here they are!

The first member of my aquatic council is Marius also referred to by his species name, Poltioed. He is they key to my tidal waves as the rain he summons is just marvelous. A Wise Pontiff and a Bold Warrior, beware of him, for his presence forewarns a stormy battle!

Sir Marius (M) @ Leftovers

enter image description here
Trait: Drizzle
EVs: 252 Def / 252 HP / 4 Spd
Bold Nature

  • Perish Song
  • Protect
  • Scald
  • Focus Blast

Marius is much trickier as he seems. An archaic song that has been passed down through his family line that has been said to steal the life force of anyone who hears it. However his intentions are never ill and will therefore not tend to trap unfortunate souls but will rather leave the choice to them. However should it be the Pokemon to face the last living Pokemon of the rivaling team, that Pokemon would be destined to fall to the song he likes to call Perish Song. I should not forget that we water types live bulk and will do pretty much everything to keep our bulk high. For this reason Marius will often tend to pull up his shield in order to avoid attacks with a low chance of succession such as Fake Out or stall out his adversary in Perish Song. This all made possibly with one shout of Protect! He is also a really impressive cook. What buffles me the most is that he only uses water in his dishes. However in battle his cooking water can burn really hard and don't tell me I didn't warn you. He has been telling me of an action he calls Scald in which he uses his boiling water as offense. Once Marius went on a trip to China. There he met a Zen monk that apparently taught him to unleash the power within. Next thing, he started blasting blue orbs all over the palace ._.
However all is forgiven for I must say, his new attack tends to hurt even the sturdiest warrior of the grasslands and our arch rival Ferrothorn

My chief councilor and pet in a way (don't tell him) Lord Cain. Smallest in size, largest in wisdom. Despite his rather serious facial expression, he is really one Jollymon. However very similar to Marius, his boldness is what seems to shine the brightest

Lord Cain (M) @ Leftovers

enter image description here
Trait: Hydration
EVs:248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spd
Bold Nature

  • Scald
  • Protect/Acid Armor
  • Rest
  • Roar

Marius & Cain are like peanut butter and Jelly. They became the closest of friends they day Marius learnt how to summon permanent rain. When this event occurred Cain came to know that he too had a special ability. I had always wondered why Cain always needed water but now I have figured that he has something the council called Hydration. Well friends learn a lot from each other and so Marius taught Cain some of his cooking skills, as well as he famous move Scald. Should Cain succeed in burning Ferrothorn, it's powerful whip will not be hitting as hard as we are used to. Well Cain likes to vary between to strategic plans, something the other 5 members don't tend to do. Another thing he learnt from Marius was pull up his shield in the times when it mattered the most. In this short period of time, Cain claims that he can regain just enough health.....to sleep. Speaking of sleeping(Such good rhyming) Rest should be Cain's signature move. When a battle becomes a little tough Cain tends to go to bed, just a little habit of him but this just makes him more a challenge to face. The reason is because his mysterious ability Hydration enables him to be healed of any status ailment during rain as you all might know. With Marius holding his back...he just tends to sleep and wake up, sleep and wake up...Once we preformed a suprise attack on the grasslands and stole some herbs etc....With the help of the blacksmith Heatran we were able to stimulate a mental armor made out of the herb mixed with the divine water that flows from the water to make an acid-like liquid. This was given to Cain who developed it as something he likes to call Acid Armor which has shown to be very effective as every time he uses it, physical attacks just tend to keep doing less damage.
If there is something Cain really dislikes, then it should be opponents that think boosting up their offensive abilities in the presence of Cain is a laughing matter. In such cases he will Roar that hard that anyone opposite to him will end up being send into oblivion

What is a palace without a Jester? Don't worry about that, I just happened to have one of the best Jesters in my council. Wayde was once part of an enemy race called the electric type. However after we conquered Appoltis, the city of light and the place where Wayde was originally from, we learnt something new about him....When he got in contact with that what we humans called a washing machine, he would change form and virtually become..one of us

Viscount Wayde @ Leftovers

enter image description here
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 248 HP / 28 Def / 232 SDef
Calm Nature

  • Volt Switch
  • Hydro Pump
  • Pain Split
  • Will-O-Wisp

Wayde's pranks like no other in the council. His most seen move would that Volt Switch. Constantly spamming that horrifying electric type attack all over the palace sometimes even KOing little Horsea, however there are no ill intentions backing it...I think. Anytime Marius decides to summon rain, Wayde always shows that he is infact a Water type now usually blasting of some Powerful Hydro Pump s...mainly because that is the only Water type move he can learn. However Wayde still has that electric slyness in his veins which still play a notable role in his behavior in battle when he tricks a Pokemon into sharing it's HP with him, usually in his benefit but in the victims disadvantage. As you might have noticed, we love to burn. Seeing as he was a ghost type in his original form as well, he brought over some moves. Will-O-Wisp , a move that was called out of the whirlpool of lost souls north to my Seafloor Palace. A very painful move that scorches ones inner soul leaving the body physically burnt and hindering and form of physically offensive presence. I should say that this move tends to appear quite often

Continued in an answer

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Acid Amour -__- Don't beg for crits ;)
Replace it with Toxic as it will not be doing you any favours. Play Vaporeon well and Acid amour will not be needed.
I haven't even used it before, just thought I should add it xD
Toxic eh?
*writes: Toxic*
Ty Blob :D
lol jojo ur just awsome!
lol razing, vice versa :D
Eww eww eww a rain team ;-;
lol Jojo, yes it's rain :P

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Hmmm.... not much to change here, however I have used Choice Specs Poli to great effect have you tried it it's great on mono teams :D
Especially since weather isn't really a big thing, and since the weather Pokemonz are all weak to one of Poli's moves.

Anyway, here is the Choice Specs Poli that I use:

Politoed @ Choice Specs
enter image description here
Trait: Drizzle
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Modest Nature

  • Hydro Pump
  • Focus Blast
  • Hidden Power [Grass]
  • Ice Beam

Specs Hydro Pump in da rain? Yeah pretty powerful, and it's an easily spammed move :P


Yeah like Bloby Olo said in the comments, I'm not sure why you have Acid Armor. Acid Armor just makes you really weak to Pokemon that resist Scald. It also makes you prone to strong Electric attacks that are Special :P So either use Protect, Toxic, or Ice Beam. Protect at least let's you scout, however I like Ice Beam because it hits grass types :P


I would personally run just a tiny bit more Defense to help you tank one Physical HIt and then hit back with Will-O-Wisp. This way, you can tank a hit, hit back with Will-O-Wisp, and hopefully the next Physical attack doesn't kill so you can use Pain Split and gain back HP. Pretty good, huh?
I think my EV spread goes something like this: 236 HP / 56 Def / 252 SpD / 40 SpA. Actually it's probably not that but my point is to add more Defensive EV's :P
Yeah I rank a lot (JK I don't)


Perfect except you maybe want to have Hydro Pump and then have HP Ice but Idk. That's not a must just spamming Scarf Hydro is a noob move BUT it's really easy :L
However I do have one suggestion. It's important.


Hex? Yeah Hex + Burn is a good idea but so many things can go wrong. That's why I prefer Shadow Ball, and if the hexy SpD drop happens it's basically the same thing just more powerful. Just my two cents on that matter xD


Hmmm,,, this is the guy that I'm kind of in between about. On one hand, I know he resist's both Electric and grass, but on another, it's so frail that it won't tank any one of those moves if they are coming from a strong Pokemon. So I am naming a replacement.

Swampert @ Leftovers
enter image description here
Trait: Torrent
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Earthquake
- Waterfall/Stealth Rock

A much bulkier Pokemon (In terms of HP) and a more heavier attacker that just somehow learns Rest + Sleep talk. Now I'm sure your team is weak so Grass so I'm not sure if you want this but I'm just pointing this guy out. Since he's good and all.
That was my rate, hope you liked, since I spent a little bit of time on it :D And remember that these suggestions are only suggestions, and not must haves. And last of all, have fun and good luck with your team!

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You suggest I replace Carswell eh? Carswell II eh? Well he can't rule forever :P

js, Percival  is much cooler then Poseidon :P
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The Defender of Faith and knight of the council, let me introduce you to Percival. Originally he lived on land were he lost his parents during the season of the great war between humans and Pokemon. However don't worry, The Swords of Justice raised him into a fine stallion and has for this reason become my hidden powerhouse. In battle he often resolutes. WHen this happens, he becomes extremely agile, however he tends to resolute when it is getting tough. You will often just see him in his ordinary form

Knight Percival @ Choice Scarf

enter image description here
Trait: Justified
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Timid Nature

  • Secret Sword
  • Surf
  • Icy Wind
  • Hidden Power Bug

Believe it or not, Percival is really a Timidmon. You would never guess it when you see it in battle but I guess that face of it betrays it a little. however Percival is no light adversary and to him the permission was given to wild 2 moves that can deal with many grass types, however he was prohibited to use powerful Ice type moves. Anyhow, they still hurt a lot seeing as it fired off from his dazzling base 129 base Special Attack. Once he told me a story about the time when he still used to live with the legendary Swords Of Justice, were at the end of his training, they presented a gift to him. A gift any knight would wish for. It was a move. A move that was generated from within and exhibited physically. It was the Secret Sword. It's signature move and something I like to call, slayer of Ferrothorn. It also helps us to obliterate a rival in weather...Tyranitar of the east. Now, I promoted him to Knight Of The Council for one reason. With the summoned rain of Marius, Percival has shown to be able to summon waves, tidal waves so powerful, that it could obliterate any Pokemon that could not resist it. As It was not only powerful with Marius's boost. Welll are nemesis, the grasslanders have now found their even match, Icy Wind. Although an attack which was rumored to have little offensive capabilities, don't let this thought discourage you as it is a crippler of sweepers. It currently the move we rely on the most to make the life of grass type Pokemon miserable. Celebi, the strategos of the grasslanders has shown to be an opponent worthy to face the water types and has as following ended the life of many of my beloved water types. However our Defender of faith Percival is the one Pokemon that can demolish this menace. We prayed to Arceus and he unlocked the Hidden Power of Keldeo that was destined to do one thing....kill Celebi. One hit to Celebi has proven to be fatal in nearly all cases.

Now we have come to the final to members of the council. They are also the reigning monarchs of this palace and have superior power in my absence. Firstly let me introduce to you to his royal majesty, King Henry VIII. A very silent one he is and a little moody since he doesn't have the superior power his ruling companion His imperial Majesty Carswell I

King Henry VIII (M)@ Leftovers

enter image description here
Trait: Cursed Body
EVs:252 HP / 36 Def / 220 SDef
Calm Nature

  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Taunt
  • Recover
  • Hex

He isn't often in a very good move and is the strictest out of the 2. He also has the function of Judge Of the Supreme Court and therefore as vast knowledge and a keen sense of Justice. As you might have noticed he has the ability Cursed Body, an ability very often overlooked but with a lot of potential. With a good chance to disable threatening moves, Henry has very often sacrificed himself for the well-being of my Seafloor Palace. Like the trend goes, he too will scorch any unfortunate soul that has been found guilty in his eyes. He will therefore with no remorse attempt to burn any opposing Pokemon with Will-O-Wisp. Rare in battle, omnipresent in judgement. He rules with an iron scepter an does not fear to Taunt anyone that does not please him. These should be Pokemon that mainly beat around the bush with non-damaging moves instead of telling him their thoughts immediately. Though he uses them himself, he is a King, so he will do as he please. However this big guy can sometimes get hurt too, but don't worry about him, for it is in it;s species to be able to regenerate themselves relatively well and will therefore simply heal a wound with Recover. Now an attack he will only use to add and to intensify the burn he would inflict with Will-O-Wisp. This is his famous Judgement. Only a few have taken such a monstrous attack in, yet none survived. Beware, for his is King Henry the ruthless, the judgement that he will exhibit in the form of Hex is no laughing matter.

Now ending my call to help, I will introduce the High reigning monarch of my household. It is no one else then the his Imperial Majesty, Supreme King Carswell the First. An impressivemon he is. A born leader and the destroyer of Electric and grass types. He stands to take in all supereffective attacks and numb them to neutrality

King Carswell I @ Leftovers

enter image description here
Trait: Sniper
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature

  • Rest
  • Sleep Talk
  • Waterfall
  • Outrage

King Carswell is not only the leader of this team but as well the oldest and the reason why he remains Carswell the first. For eons he has dwelled with me in my Seafloor Palace, long before Marius joined, however in those times he was still a young Horsea but very different from the rest. Anyhow, you may have already read his species entry which states that anytime it awakens it releases a might whirlpool. This set is an exact replica of it's entry as believe it or not, Carswell is at his best when he is asleep. With Rest he can take respite from tough battles and regain his health...or so many think. Now there is no such thing as a status ailment in his dictionary and he will rampage in his sleep with either a STAB Waterfall or a STAB Outrage with both moves doing a serious amount of damage. The best part hasn't even come yet. With a precise 2 turns of sleep, Carswell awakens the 3rd turn and can fire of a devastating move of choice. He doesn't care if he has to risk his life health to take in damage, as long as it is to protect my seafloor palace. A ruler full of integrity and heart full of gold, you may now know why Carswell is the rope, that holds my team together.

This were my brave warriors of the deep blue. If you know any
strategy I could use the life of the grasslanders more miserable,
please do leave a comment This is the the visit I guess, hope to see
you another time soon

Thanks for reading and for the visit!

With friendly greetings from,

Marius, Cain, Wayde, Percival, Henry VIII, Carswell I and Jojo

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