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I'm just getting into competitive battling, so it would be a great help if you guys could rate my OU team:

Item: life orb
Nature: naive
Ability: Protean
Move set:
Rock Slide

Item: King's Rock
Nature: calm
Ability: Sencere Grace
Move set:
Air Slash
Dazzling Gleam
Thunder wave

Item: Rocky Helmet
Nature: relaxed
Ability: iron barbs
Move set:
Gyro Ball
Leech Seed
Stealth Rocks
Power Whip

Item: twisted spoon
Nature: timid
Ability: inner focus
Move set:
Focus Blast
Shadow ball
Calm Mind

Item: Shell Bell
Nature: timid
Ability: flame body
Move set:
Fiery Dance
Bug Buzz
quiver dance
Giga Drain

Item: garchompite
Nature: quiet
Ability: sand veil
Move set:
Dragon Claw
Stone Edge

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The second you think about putting Volcarona in your team, a spinner/defogger becomes almost compulsory. If it were to replace anything it has to be either Greninja or Alakazam (preferably Alakazam since you don't need 2 frail special attackers).

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Well, this team has a lot of potential, but I see some things in need of fixing.


  1. A Naive nature isn't going to help you out. Try something like Timid.
  2. Rock Slide is not the best choice here. Instead you could have Ice Beam, which offers much better power and coverage.


  1. Instead of a Calm nature, have a Timid or Modest Nature.
  2. The King's Rock is really not as good as you'd think. The probability of flinching is determined separately for Air Slash and the King's Rock, so to put it simply, the King's Rock really won't make much of a difference. Instead of holding it, try a Choice Scarf. That way, you don't even need to waste a turn using T-wave.


Nothing to say here. Great job!


  1. Focus Blast has bad accuracy; you should swap it for a move like Energy Ball or Dazzling Gleam.
  2. Add the move Recover in somewhere (if you want).


Great job with Volcarona. Looks great!


All I have to say is one thing: Replace Crunch with Poison Jab to take care of those Fairies.

So you have some great Pokémon; they just need a little work if you want to use them competitively. Hope I helped!

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I should start off by saying that in order to properly embrace competitive battling, EVs are going to be supremely useful not just to you, but to people rating teams as well.

Greninja set looks very nice, but as already suggested by wilsonna1, a different nature would be a good idea. That said, Timid weakens U-turn and Rock Slide so Hasty might be better off.

No real issues with Togekiss or Ferrothorn

You may want to consider giving Alakazam Psyshock instead of Psychic in order to help it deal with common specially defensive problems such as Chansey and Blissey

Volcarona looks good as well

Garchomp definitely needs a different nature, as Quiet is taking away from its Speed whilst boosting Special Attack, and Garchomp has no special attacks to work with. Jolly, the opposite nature, would be an ideal solution

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