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I'm learning a lot from the current tournament, mainly where the weaknesses of my current cobbled-together team are. Thing is, I like the core three but the rest needs to be adjusted. So I would appreciate any helpful suggestions/input. This team will be build around a Tapu Koko, A.Raichu and Pelipper core and I'd like to have it be viable for VGC rules, so Alola Dex only for now.

Tapu Koko (Naive) @ Terrain Extender
Hidden Power: Ground (60)
EVs: 6 Atk/252 SpA/252 Spe
Dazzling Gleam
Brave Bird/Protect

I find very little use under VGC rules for Brave Bird. Protect might be better to protect from a partner's EQ. The rest is pretty standard. And yes, it's Naive. No way around it now. I caught it like that after lots of agonizing to keep it viable for potential future move tutors.

Raichu (Modest) @ Electrium Z
Hidden Power: Fighting (60)
EVs: 252 SpA/6 SpD/252 Spe

Focus Blast/HP Fighting
Grass Knot/Volt Switch/Protect

Right now I have mine with it's personal Z-Crystal but considering I almost always set up both Electric Terrain and Rain anyway, the generic one would be better. Considering it's a rain team, I may not need Grass Knot. Volt Switch empowered could be good but again, Protect is always useful in Doubles... as I am learning the hard way.

Life Orb is also viable since I'm throwing out my Salamence anyway.

Pelipper (Bold) @ Damp Rock
Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD


Amazingly versatile. Aside from Electric attacks, it resists a whole lot. Hurricane under Rain is great and Scald does away with most Alolawaks. I'm not using Roost much though... Might swap it out for Tailwind or Protect.

That's the core. Now for the rest. I'm currently running a DD Salamence mainly as the fourth which almost never works out. So... Since Mega Swampert (which would be perfect with Swift Swim and Ground-typing) is out, I think Garchomp would work better on this team as a primary physical sweeper and check against other Electric types (I swear I was swept like three times by Xurkitree already ^_^).

Garchomp (Jolly) @ Groundium Z/Choice Scarf
4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe
Rough Skin

Dragon Claw
Poison Jab

Something else could be used for Protect I guess since with EQ it's usually the teammates that need it but good for scouting out potentially Ice threats.

Alternatively but not preferred because of opposing Electric threats...

Gyarados (Jolly) @ Flyinium Z
4 Def/252 Spa/252 Spe

Dragon Dance
Earthquake/Ice Fang

There's also Sharpedo but I don't really like the idea.

Which leaves two more slots. Here are some ideas...

Spinner Option

Starmie (Timid) @ Leftovers?
EVs: 252 HP/4 SpA/252 Spe

Rapid Spin
Psyshock/Reflect Type


Toxapex (Bold) @ Black Sludge/Rocky Helmet
252 HP/232 Def/24 SpD

Toxic/Toxic Spikes


Dhelmise (Impish) @ Leftovers
252 HP/168 SpD/84 Spe

Anchor Shot
Phantom Force

I'd like Dhelmise over Dedicueye because of the bulk and the options of Anchor Shot+Phantom Force+Toxic. Protect might not even be necessary and EQ could be used to get rid of certain threats. Dhelmise could also be run in several different ways of course. I just feel this might fit best.

Other options I have not looked into movesets for...

There is, of course, Tapu Fini which is appealing but would ruin the ET+Rain set for Raichu. So if I use Fini, it would have to be in a setup against opponents where I leave out Raichu.

Celesteela could also work, especially since Rain would dampen one bigger weakness and it could function as a viable Kartana counter... I am getting tired of getting wrecked by those. ^_^

I'm welcome to any other suggestions.


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