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I have never used any of these Pokemon(except for Toxapex), but I am knowledgeable in the Pokemon universe and I have relentlessly studied. I have not played any of them yet, but I am training them up to their full potential. I will tell you everything I know about these Pokemon and how I will use them. Thanks!

[email protected] Sludge
252 Defence - 252 Speed - 6 HP
Baneful Bunker
Toxic Spikes
I like Toxapex to be one of my starters on the battlefield, and use toxic spikes or baneful B. as my first move. Then he either stays to stall and do slow damage with poison and black S., or he is out of there, depending on the Pokemon.

[email protected] Z
Ability:Emergency Exit
252 HP - 252 Attack - 6 HP
First Impression
Aqua Jet
Leech Life
Sucker Punch
Golisopod is also on of my starters on the battlefield, using First Imp. and then sometimes sucker punch. Sometimes he will stay to get some good hits in before Emergency Exit kicks in. I like to switch in and out to get as many first Impressions as possible.

[email protected]
252 Defence - 252 HP - 6 Attack
Heavy Slam
High Horsepower
Mudsdale is my main sweeper, but can also be a Staller with stamina and bide, and sometimes I will throw in a potion to get the most out of stamina. He is my heavy hitter, and will be the guy for those tough to beat pure strength Pokemon who will 1 hit KO all my other guys. When that happens, I just bring out mudsdale and Heavy Slam or High Horsepower.

[email protected]
Ability:Leaf Guard
252 HP - 252 Attack - 6 Defense
Solar Blade
Arial Ace
Leaf Blade
Leech Life
Lurantis is one of my fast hitters. Usually I just dive straight into high damage attacks. Although I am not sure whether or not I should replace a move with Sunny Day to make the most out leaf guard ability? please reply on that. I put in Leech life and leftovers to cover for Lurantis's low HP.

[email protected]
Ability:Effect Spore
252 Sp.Defence - 252 HP - 6 Defense
Dream Eater
Leech Seed
Shiinotic is one of my stalkers, with a lot of attacks that keep its HP up. Spore is my main move I will try to do to all of my opponents, then dream eater or leech seed. With leftovers, HP should not be a problem for me, I think. My main strategy for Shiinotic its to give everything in sight a special condition, and then to stall or do massive damage.

[email protected]
252 HP - 252 Speed - 6 Defense
Salazzle uses substitute as it's first move, and then heals with leftovers while using toxic and disable. Flamethrower is for the occasional grass type that shows up. Disable is for some setup Pokemon like a trick room team or Rainy Day Pokemon or status Pokemon and stallers.

Thanks for reading, please give me feedback on how I could do it differently, and thanks to everybody on Pokemon DataBase who helped me in my research by answering questions about good movesets! Thanks!

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Why are you using only Generation 7 Pokemon when most of the good Pokemon are older? Even among the new Pokemon, you aren't using the best. For example, why are you using Lurantis when Kartana is so much better?
Would you like me to show you my VGC doubles 4v4 tournament team? It is different and has better Pokemon.
You can, and you should post a new thread if you want to.
Yeah, I will. I have the Pokemon figured out but not all the stats... I will post be next week!
Says lurantis is his fast hitter.
Gives it brave nature.

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