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I have yet to make this team(hatch, EV train etc) so any tips would be very useful. Underneath each I will comment on why I have decided to pick the moves I have and their use on the team etc.


Chesto Berry, Flame Body, Modest
160 HP / 252 SpA / 96 Spe
. Quiver dance
. Bug Buzz
. Fiery dance
. Rest
Quiver dance up then proceed to use rest when low on hp and chesto berry wakes up - then use either bug buzz or fiery dance. Pretty much this is my special sweeper. I thought also by Vaporeon baton passing on its sub may also help it to live longer in battle. Also switching in allows wish to heal Volcarona.


Leftovers, Water absorb, Bold
244 HP / 136 Def / 128 Spe
. Wish
. Baton pass
. Scald
. Sub
My physical wall/support/scout. Sub, wish and leftys allows me to scout out the other persons team and helps to support my team (with baton pass). Scald due to the chance for burning and higher accuracy than most other water moves. Not too sure if the one attacking move may hurt me later on in battles though :s.


Leftovers, Sand stream, Sassy
252 HP / 64 SpA / 192 SpD
. Stealth Rock
. Crunch
.Ice beam
. Superpower
Bulky mixed sweeper. Probably have this guy out first to set up SR's then quickly switch out. I prefer his move pool than pokemon such as Skarmory, as at least he has other uses than just setting up. Not sure if to switch superpower with earthquake?


Leftovers, Multiscale, Adamant/jolly
252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
. Extreme Speed
. Dragon claw
. Earthquake
. Roost
Physical Sweeper with a nice priority move to quickly clean up. Dragon claw for a reliable stab. Roost allows longevity. And earthquake..WHY NOT! I was wondering if dragon dance maybe better than the other moves I have picked..due to stats boosting.


Life Orb, Levitate, Naughty/Rash
252 Atk / 212 SpA / 44 Spe
. Thunderbolt
. Flamethrower
. Grassknot
. HP ice
Mixed Sweeper with a life orb. Wish on my Vap can help to heal if Elektross gets too low. Nice mixed move pool so I can take out more types. Levitate is nice with the earthquake I have in my team (probably play this team in both 1v1's and 2v2's). I read somewhere today that trick room is nice to support Elektross..but then I would need to replace moves on my other pokes ;/..need all these moves god damn it! (for type coverage etc)


Leftovers, Natural Cure, Bold
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
. Aromatherapy
. Softboiled
. Toxic
.Seismic Toss
My special wall/support! Ok I honestly think the idea of two wall's is a great idea because it supports well and be abit of a staller. Aromatherapy for the support. Toxic to stall. ST is an alright move and reliable. Maybe I should have more attack moves on Vap and switch softboiled with wish? But then the sub MAY be useful for volcarona set up or dragonite (if I change ES with dragon dance)...

^^^^^^ This is all the reasons why I'm posting this question..I need advice please :D.

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Pretty good Team I must say. Upvoted.
The only problem I have is your lacking of a Spinner. Being as Volca is done with SR, and the rest of your Team with T-Spikes. Maybe replace Vaporeon with Tentacruel and add WishBell on Blissey?
Great team! Although a spinner would help.

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