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6 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Dank muffin lmao (loosely). Also, dank is talking about the "actual" definition of something being damp, so I just shoved damp in lmfao
6 days ago by 湿ったマフィン
oh yeah I was talking about my name lmfao I'm so self centered.
6 days ago by 湿ったマフィン
New name pog
6 days ago by 湿ったマフィン
It's quite interesting, isn't it?
Apr 2 by Kyogre71
We do.
Apr 2 by Hellfire Taco
Mar 30 by Frozen Inferno 火
Mar 29 by ™ TY
Mar 29 by Frozen Inferno 火
Thanks! Hehe you're my next target :)
Mar 26 by Frozen Inferno 火