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Gender: It's classified.
Country: It’s classified… What do you mean it’s important for your assignment? A twerp like you doesn’t get assignments .And anyway, what do you hear when I say classified? Chocolate?
Favorite Pokémon: Groudon on steroids
Friend Codes: Optimus#0983 is my username on the app that claims to foster friendship and harmony but creates Discord
About me: I am a (classified), working for the TWDO (though I shouldn't be telling you that, but you won't understand anyway, so how does it matter?) And as for why I'm on a Pokemon website, well, that's better left unsaid. Though making friends was enjoyable (I had forgotten how to do that) and relieving memories and learning new things. Plus, this also helps my job. How? Ask the Pink Whale. Over and Out.
I heard it is a tradition here to brag about your shinies, so why should I be left behind?
Rayquaza. Caught at Sky Tower. Nicknamed Zeus.
Gible. Caught at Level 19. Wayward Cave. Jolly Nature.
Still don't have a nickname.

Our Lord and Saviour, Bidoof. Caught at LeveL 3 at Route 202. Simple Ability. Jolly Nature. Nicknamed OMG.
Gyarados. Lake of Rage. Adamant Nature. Nicknamed Red Skull
White 2
Zorua. Level 25. Driftveil City. Timid Nature. Nicknamed Loki

Elekid. Brave Nature. Static Ability. Caught at Level 12 at Virbank Complex. Nicknamed Samsung
Pokemon X

Charizard. Received as Charmander for Prof. Sycamore. Lonely Nature. Female. Nicknamed Saphira.

Florges. Caught as Flabebe at Route 4 . Lax Nature. Nicknamed Blossom
I get quite bored taking over worlds and trying to do so, and I have to do something to spend my time, so I did this:

I saw a few shows. My favourite:
Young Sheldon
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous
Ultimate Spider Man
What If?

I read a few books. My favourite series:
Anything mythology related written by Rick Riordan (I'm gonna tell him to write a series on me)
The Artemis Fowl Series
Harry Potter
The Inheritance Cycle
Maze Runner
Hunger Games
Alex Rider
The Martian

I saw a few movies. My favourite
Marvel (except Black Widow, Thor 1 and 2 and Iron Man 2)
Star Wars
World War Z
The Parent Trap
The Dark Knight trilogy

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Can you battle at all this week?
Aug 1 by J™
Hey, when can you battle?  I can battle anytime this week after 6pm GMT -4.
Jul 25 by J™
Jul 19 by Carnelian
take w
Jul 13 by Carnelian

Oh yeah, my mom pre-ordered Live A Live yesterday. So I'm even less patient. :D
Jul 11 by Yuya the Goggles
Yep. And life's good on my end, still impatiently waiting for Live A Live. Also I'm trying to make a music level in Mario Maker 2. So far, I've given up once, un-given up once, and almost given up twice. Will I ever complete it? Who knows? (mysterious music) Anyway, how's life on your end? :3

Probably all of the above. With the poor grammar/spelling, incoherent plot, extremely Mary Sueish main character, and "don't flame my fanfic or you'll go to hell" attitude, you'd assume the writer would be a disgruntled, oversensitive ten year old or something. But I think she said she was an adult, or close to one. Which is really sad honestly. Kinda hope she was pretending to be older than ten, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was just that immature. If she didn't seem so sincere, I'd think it was a trollfic. But yeah, while there are definitely worse fanfics, Starkits Propecy is destined to stay deep in the trash heap.

I think it all started when I made a joke about one of the chapters literally being called "the rose of a Heroin". He had no idea what it meant, and me and BM (also known as Bee Pen) acted like he was dumb for not knowing about it, and that most of the people on DB knew or something like that (my memory is terrible). We were joking, of course, and he knew it. Then he started asking random users about it to see if others actually knew what it meant. Why? No clue. Apparently he was curious. Kinda funny, really.

Ooh, congrats! Boy, you're getting good luck with the old games. :3
Jul 10 by Yuya the Goggles
I was just curious :/
Jul 10 by -WhiteFire-
Unfortunate, hope school goes well for you :)
Jul 10 by ~WilloWisp~
Oh, nice! And they're going well. The game says my files for Forgotten Land and Star Allies are 100% complete. I still have some stuff to do though. Kinda funny, really. Oh, and Fighters 2 is at 63%. I'm also working on Kirby's Adventure so that I can perform a glitch that I wanna do for some reason. So much Korbe. Also, Plugg is like my favorite Kirby enemy now. He's a plug with feet and eyes, and Plasma is one of my favorite Copy Abilities. Therefore amazing.

And if you were wondering what "hapter to the rose of a Heroin" is, it's a misspelling of "Chapter Two: The Rise of a Heroine". I saw it in some terrible Warriors fanfic called Starkits Propecy. Littered with misspellings, bad grammar, a horrible main character, and terrible plot. Plus, I think the writer rages whenever somebody doesn't like her fanfic. I could be mixing her up with a different writer who wrote an even worse (by far) fanfic, but I think they both raged. But while the fanfic may be garbage, some of the lines are hilarious.

"Then the cat toned arund. It was... ASSFyR!"
"AND THEN STARGLEAM WAS DIED!11!111!11111!1!11!"
"then StarGlame stinted to crry as she realed that her sitter ass ded."

Even my fanfics I wrote when I was nine had better spelling than this.
Jul 9 by Yuya the Goggles
Ok lol. Thanks
Jul 9 by -WhiteFire-