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(creys because I have to re-type my wall post)

Anyway, hiya! Welcome back! :3

Not much is up on my end. I beat Live A Live, beat it in Japanese, beat it in Japanese again (I played through the final story as a different character), trying to beat it in Japanese five more times... welp, I guess I figured out what phase I'm going through. Very cool game though. I love the characters. Pogo (or Pogie as I like to call him) is weirdly cute and makes funny sounds, Akira (or Aki as I like to call him because I didn't learn my lesson with the Pogo nicknames) is pretty good-looking for a guy with no shirt and makes funny sounds, mostly in Japanese, Yun Jou is my favorite disciple who saved me from a bathtub once (I'll get to that dream in a minute because it was hysterical), Cube is a funny-looking little robot, Oboromaru is probably the best-looking purple-haired guy who will ever be created (he's not extremely amazing or anything but he has purple hair which kinda isn't a charm point so yeah)... the characters are really something.

And now for the funny part: that dream I mentioned a minute ago. In the dream, me and my mom were walking down the street and apparently busting the illegal fake Pokemon card traders when, all of a sudden, I was apparently kidnapped (o Mgee!1!!!!1one!!1!!)! In an instant, I was locked in an empty bathtub. I'm not sure if it was the bathtub or the shower curtain that was somehow locked but I was locked in. Much sadth. But then the bathtub/shower curtain was unlocked, and to my amazement, the one who had unlocked it was Yun Jou! Yun was apparently a sympathizer with the hostages or something, so we decided to get the heck out of there. But to my dismay, a guy in a suit and shades stopped us. Yun tried to lie his way out of it so that we wouldn't both be imprisoned, but the guy in the shades was rather skeptical, so he decided to test Yun's loyalty by... putting him on an ice-skating rink. If he were to make even the smallest mistake, that meant he was a traitor. How that works is beyond me. Maybe their members take ice-skating training. Anyway, as that was happening, I ran away. Kinda sad, really. Yun saves my life and I run away. Sounds like me though. Anyway, some random puzzles, Mario 3D World, Kirby Star Allies, and that one scene where it turns out Pokemon get arrested when they lose battles later, I learned who was the mastermind behind the evil kidnapper peoples: some bald guy with a poorly animated jaw and a lame theme song, known only as Shattered Shark (actually his real name was Umbra).

(dramatic music)

Well, there's that. How's life on your end? :3
Sep 7 by Yuya the Goggles
Sep 3 by Yuya the Goggles
If you put a glock in a sock, what kind of shoe is the sock in?
Aug 19 by BaronVonThomason III
Can you battle at all this week?
Aug 1 by J™
Hey, when can you battle?  I can battle anytime this week after 6pm GMT -4.
Jul 25 by J™
Jul 19 by Carnelian
take w
Jul 13 by Carnelian

Oh yeah, my mom pre-ordered Live A Live yesterday. So I'm even less patient. :D
Jul 11 by Yuya the Goggles
Yep. And life's good on my end, still impatiently waiting for Live A Live. Also I'm trying to make a music level in Mario Maker 2. So far, I've given up once, un-given up once, and almost given up twice. Will I ever complete it? Who knows? (mysterious music) Anyway, how's life on your end? :3

Probably all of the above. With the poor grammar/spelling, incoherent plot, extremely Mary Sueish main character, and "don't flame my fanfic or you'll go to hell" attitude, you'd assume the writer would be a disgruntled, oversensitive ten year old or something. But I think she said she was an adult, or close to one. Which is really sad honestly. Kinda hope she was pretending to be older than ten, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was just that immature. If she didn't seem so sincere, I'd think it was a trollfic. But yeah, while there are definitely worse fanfics, Starkits Propecy is destined to stay deep in the trash heap.

I think it all started when I made a joke about one of the chapters literally being called "the rose of a Heroin". He had no idea what it meant, and me and BM (also known as Bee Pen) acted like he was dumb for not knowing about it, and that most of the people on DB knew or something like that (my memory is terrible). We were joking, of course, and he knew it. Then he started asking random users about it to see if others actually knew what it meant. Why? No clue. Apparently he was curious. Kinda funny, really.

Ooh, congrats! Boy, you're getting good luck with the old games. :3
Jul 10 by Yuya the Goggles
I was just curious :/
Jul 10 by -WhiteFire-