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long time no see
Jan 26, 2016 by Doge
hi, I'ts good to be back. Yesterday I was bored and I was thinking, what haven't I done for a while, and then I remembered I haven't used my account for over a year and I decided to come back and answer some questions. Also you changed your user name so I had to go back to the first question I answered to know it was you :P
Jan 26, 2016 by 123turtwig
man, i miss u
and rlly? o:
so how r u m9? :D
Jan 25, 2016 by a creepy stalker
Actually it depends if I need to ask a question I have been figuring things out by myself and I usually check serebii instead of pokemon db so unless I decide I really want to answer 50 questions it probably won't happen :(
Jan 25, 2016 by 123turtwig
finally back after a long long time, just to say hi and probably not come back for another year. Why, no reason
Jan 25, 2016 by 123turtwig
wat happened.
Feb 12, 2015 by Doge
No I have exactly 500 points
Nov 9, 2014 by 123turtwig
Almost at exactly 500 points
Nov 9, 2014 by 123turtwig
You can call me Turtwig if you want
Nov 5, 2014 by 123turtwig
Cool! Nice meeting you 123Turtwig! I'm Ehesister and I love gen.4! That includes Sinnoh, Dawn, and you guessed it Turtwigs! They are so cute! I always choose them as my starter! By the way, can I call you Turtwig?
Nov 4, 2014 by Crystal Glaceon