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Hi there. Your post has recently been hidden. RMT posts require full teams of pokemon to stay up.

So, I had this idea last night, and I want to know if it sounds good to anyone. So, I'm a big fan of double battles and I though, "Hey, Shuckle would do great on a TR team". Then it dawned on me. I have a Reuniclus with TR and dual screens. So, here is my strategy.

*1st turn.*
Reuniclus and Shuckle are sent out. Other two Pokemon attack. Shuckle uses **Power Trick**! It's defense and attack are swapped. Reuniclus uses **Trick room** and twists the dimension.

Boom. Sweeper Shuckle from hell.  

*2nd Turn.*
Reuniclus sets up **Reflect** to try to make up for that horrid defense while Shuckle uses **Rock Slide**, killing everyone.

I'll give you guys movesets for both Shuckle and Reuniclus


Reuniclus @Light Clay
Ability: Magic Guard
Sassy Nature
EVs: 252 HP,  84 SpD, 84 SpA, 84 Def

Trick Room
Light Screen

Shuckle @ Life Orb
Ability: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
EVs: 252 Atk, 126 Def, 126 SpD

Let me explain. The 252 is in Attack because when the two swap, I want his Defense to not the the worst ever.

Power Trick
Rock Slide
_____________ (Need help with the last move)

Any advice and thoughts are much appreciated.

Mar 30, 2014 by DarkTyphlosion