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Favorite Pokémon: Krookodile (yes), Lucario, Yanmega, Flygon, Linoone, Swampert, Kartana, Furret, Xurkitree, Cosmog, Galvantula, Volcarona, Frosmoth, Zacian, Rapidash, Charizard (slave), Venusaur, Sceptile, Snom (big yes), Cramorant, Toxtricity Amped Form, Aerodactyl, Swoobat, Shiny Galarian Articuno, Glaistrier, and Tyrantrum
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About me: New account moved from the original Krookogator.
The most obvious thing you should know about me is that I'm not the owner.

I am also a clear idiot, because I am at least 68% sure a few of you noticed I misspelled "Frosmoth" in the Favorite Pokemon list. It has stayed that way for quite a while until now, which is 3/12/2021.

I am a fan of cursed images, deal with it.

Fun Fact: I actually never decided to make an account for Pokebase until December 2019. But, I have been using this website for Pokemon locations for a loong time.

I have quite a bit of favorite Pokemon... strange..

I'm not a shiny hunter, but I still end up finding 2-4 shinies every once a month. Wtf.

I have a pure-breed Black Labrador Retriever and bearded dragon. My dog is named Loki, and my bearded dragon is named Sandile ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Congratulations you found the end. Have a cookie, if I had one.

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hi nice grav
Oct 20, 2021 by neo magius
Jun 16, 2021 by BM™
Yes, cursed is fantastic.
Mar 4, 2021 by Krookogator2
Uhhhh thats kinda cursed
Mar 4, 2021 by Stephwheel8
Done, thanks.
Dec 20, 2019 by Fizz
Yes Fizz, please remove the other. I cannot login to it.
Dec 19, 2019 by Krookogator2
Hey mate, I want to quickly ask what the go is with this account and your original one (which I will link below). We don't allow people to have two accounts here, so I want to verify that you're not using the first account any longer, so that I can block it.
Please let me know if you'd rather use the original account as opposed to this one. Again, you can't have both.
Thanks for reading!
Dec 15, 2019 by Fizz
hii. welcome.
Dec 5, 2019 by sumwun