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Gender: boi
Country: U. S. of A.
Favorite Pokémon: Venomoth (randomly) / Electivire (competitively)
Friend Codes: DS FC: 2621-3223-5613
GO FC: 9877 7352 9051
IGN: Michael
Usernames: McSquiddleton (nearly every game)
About me: Note:  I.  FREAKING.  HATE.  HEAT ROTOM.  Yes, that is important information.
I began my Pokémon journey in GO (please lower your pitchforks).  I advanced into Duel, learning my way through the series, before starting my true addiction in Sun.  Now, I’m competitive in both the TCG and VGC.  Feel free to send me psychological help, whenever you want.
Also I Shiny hunt whatever I want to ever use competitively (Electivire, Minior, etc.)
Oh, and here’s the Pokecord Discord server I run: https://discord.gg/5Ah2BQu

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Are you alive? I came back after a Hiatus a while ago, and remembered you exist, but as far as I can tell, your inactive :P

Why be mad at Rotom-Heat? Rotom-Wash is way more hard to beat. Also, Pokemon like Sableye, Quagsire, and any other stalling Pokemon is a million times more rage inducing than a supportive Pokemon like Rotom. :P
2 days ago by Stakatacool
It’s the same as here.
Jun 19 by McSquiddleton
Your PS! Username please.
Jun 17 by Helix716
There’s your answer.
Jun 17 by McSquiddleton
Are you a squid? Are you a Venomoth?
This is a very important question.
Jun 15 by FlappersFlappers
1) I’m reasonable.  I have a better deck IRL, but much better matchups online (I bring Garchomp to a tournament to have 3/8 matchups against Gardevoir)
2) Pretty much only Random Battles, mainly Gen 4.
Jun 14 by McSquiddleton
I dunno, Me and Helix climbed way faster than this fellow...

Wait, you play the PTCGO? Are you good at the TCG? I love the TCG, but there are definitely not enough people who play it on this site :P

Do you play competitive tiers as well (like smogon)?
If you play Pokemon Showdown!, or decide to, this site has its own server. Here's a link:

A handful of site members will be there occasionally. My Showdown! user-name is Trippsyouup. My PTCGO username is Vnnnn (both inside jokes you won't understand).
Jun 13 by Stakatacool
I love how the people on the video game message boards are officially paying more attention to me than my own family.  Wait, I don’t LOVE that, but...
Jun 9 by McSquiddleton
hi. welcome.
Jun 7 by sumwun
Second post

Sup, McSquiddy.
Jun 7 by WhoGotzDaFud