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Wall for Mega-Roserade (page 3)

Roserade is the best grass type, I praise you
Dec 19, 2016 by Primarina
sounds like my weird fangirling addiction, i'm on it all the time

that didnt even make sense ._.
Dec 17, 2016 by wokeboke
ahhhh beautiful

maybe ill take you up on that offer. although i dont regularly use my twitter
Dec 13, 2016 by wokeboke
Hi mege_ Roserade happy Xmas
Dec 12, 2016 by Team Squirtle
thanks XD
luv yours too <3

i would put a santa hat on the amphy but im not skilled enough to do that ;-;
Dec 12, 2016 by wokeboke
much surprise
Dec 9, 2016 by wokeboke
oh shiz boi
i got cancer from watching that
it's still amazing though
Dec 9, 2016 by wokeboke
read at your heart's content
Dec 9, 2016 by wokeboke
ooh i wish i could have that talent XD
on another note, are you in the mood to read some fantastic wailord x skitty nsfw?
Dec 8, 2016 by wokeboke
Dec 7, 2016 by wokeboke