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Wow, look at all the down votes. That means people have lost 418 points in total. Don’t cha think that is a bit unreasonable to give to a Moveset question guy?
4 days ago by —Marill4Life—
My points have surpassed that of the bot of the movesets
Dec 11, 2020 by PrimalKyogre
I'm a hacker! I'm gonna hack you!

(NOTE: This post is intended for a fun. The poster didn't mean anything by this.)
Dec 2, 2020 by Alphacelestius
Who are youuuu
Nov 26, 2020 by ☆SleepyDreepy☆
Beep Beep Beep
Nov 26, 2020 by ~BlazingStaraptor~
Are you actually a bot? (Dumb question, i know)

If so, how did you get so many points? (Wait how would you answer that if you were a bot?)

 Nov 16 by Stephwheel8

Our Dear MovesetBot receives Upvote in moveset questions! Obviously!
Nov 26, 2020 by ~BlazingStaraptor~
Beep boop doop
Nov 24, 2020 by Stephwheel8
beep boop beep bop
Nov 23, 2020 by TL The Legend
Nov 23, 2020 by SSuperiority
MovesetBot upvoted someone...who?
Nov 18, 2020 by TL The Legend