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I'm on the DB server now. Challenge me whenever you're ready.
Mar 4, 2017 by Burning__Karma
I don't think we need to use DB server, but I'd prefer it.
Mar 2, 2017 by Burning__Karma
Hey, 5 PM for you is fine right? Can you battle this coming Saturday?
Mar 1, 2017 by Burning__Karma
Nice Pokemon Art Gallery! I like it! ^^
Aug 17, 2016 by Torchic the Ninja~
We have the same real name....
May 8, 2016 by Rick Gastly
hell yes! i passed you
Jun 25, 2015 by Your Excellency
I just want to say these sprites are not mine, someone else made them ( I still don't know who!), I just found this and thought they looked cool. Just to avoid confusion.
Jan 26, 2015 by The Noby
Hey! :D
Jan 10, 2015 by a creepy stalker
Cool pokemon pictures
Jan 1, 2015 by Almighty Aggron
Not officially
But everyone knows about it
Forgot what its called but the item used to change its forme is called the Prison Bottle
Dec 3, 2014 by a creepy stalker