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Gender: Male.
Country: USA! USA! Also Puerto Rico, but, you know, we’re not considered a country so..
Favorite Pokémon: Samurott. Forever and always. This evolution line is the best. The absolute best.
Friend Codes: I would post what they are, but I don’t know them off the top my head, so maybe later I will.
About me: Soo.. I’m a writer, a poet, and absolute complete Pokémon nerd, with knowledge of this stuff that knows no bounds, and I want to create my own fan game, but I’m really bad with computers, so there’s that. I love to swim, I’m a music nerd (praise the lords that are Sofi Tukker), and a Latino forever. Also kinda interested in politics, even though I won’t go into detail here. I also cant play competitively, but I love it anyways. Now I’ll be generic and list arbitrary things like favorites.

Favorite Types: Dark (like you couldn’t tell), Water, Ground & Fairy (don’t hate, lots of cool Pokémon’s are fairy)
Favorite Mons By Type (no Repeats):
Grass: Ludicolo / Meganium
Fire: Chandelure / Volcanion / Fletchinder
Water: Samurott / Jellicent
Normal: Snorlax / Skitty
Bug: Galvantula / Charjabug
Flying: Unfezant / Archeops / Honchkrow / Tropius / Crobat (very indecisive on Flying Types)
Electric: Raichu / Heliolisk
Poison: Toxicroak / Naganadel / Weezing
Fighting: Poliwrath / Bewear
Psychic: Gothitelle / Metang
Ground: Dugtrio / Gastrodon / Gligar
Rock: Tirtouga / Boldore
Ice: Alolan Vulpix / Jynx / Piloswine
Ghost: Haunter / Dusclops / Golett
Dark: ALL OF THEM. Except for Drapion.
Dragon: Kingdra / Dragalge / Fraxure
Steel: Aggron / Lairon / Bastiodon
Fairy: ALL OF THEM. Except for Mime Jr. That’s creepy. Actually have respect for Mr. Mime though.

Favorite Regions:
1. Unova
2. Johto
3. Hoenn
4. Alola
5. Sinnoh
6. Kanto
7. Kalos
Not putting Galar yet because I gotta play through the games first.

Favorite Gym Leaders:
ALL Unova Leaders (except for triplets)

Favorite Pokémon Games:
1. Black 2 / White 2
4. Platinum
7. BW
8. XY
9. SM
10. RSE
11. GSC
12. RBY
14. Diamond / Pearl
Once Again, won’t rank Sword / Shield
(If you don’t know the acronyms, you’re not a true Pokémon Fan) (Jkjk, but still)

Favorite Gens:
1. Gen 5
2. Gen 4
3. Gen 7
4. Gen 6
5. Gen 3
6. Gen 2
7. Gen 1

All Shinies (caught by me):
Gible (now a Garchomp)
Roselia (still Roselia)
Paras (now Parasect)
Litwick (now a Chandelure)
Joltik (now a Galvantula)

(Lol these are all I can remember of the top of my head, will update when I check my Moon later)
I don’t shiny hunt, honestly all of these were caught by random, and i just put them all into one game.
I’m heading off to high school, so any suggestions, please post on my wall, and wish me luck!

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Hey, I have to steal one of the Pokémon you used against me in the Plasma Tourney. I commented on the thread, but in case you didn’t see it, here’s what I wrote:

Hey do you have Discord or Reddit? Could you DM me the sets you used? I’m KRLW890#8542 on Discord and u/KRLW890 on Reddit. You could also post them on my wall if you don’t have either of those, but I would prefer if you would DM me through one of those.
Jun 30, 2019 by KRLW890
Aug 23, 2018 by Clobboot
>Gasp< A user without an About Me? And legit personal information in your other sections? Smh dude
Jun 12, 2018 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Welcome to the site! Have you read the rules? <3
Dangit again wasn't first
Jun 12, 2018 by Syl ™
hi. welcome.
Jun 12, 2018 by sumwun