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No problem.
Oct 14 by Lucky Ranno
Yep! I subbed back when you showed me your comics.
Oct 11 by Lucky Ranno
Yeah, I basically turned my account into an advertisement for my YT channel/Twitter. Also, is Catfight Animations your channel?
Oct 10 by Lucky Ranno
Anytime, bro.
Sep 26 by Lucky Ranno
Oh! That's pretty epic. I have a measly 4 inch XP-Pen tablet ಥ‿ಥ
And you have a fanfic? Awesome dude. I don't really use reddit but your stuff looks neat.
Sep 25 by Lucky Ranno
Yep! A real long time! How goes it friend?
Sep 24 by Lucky Ranno
Nice! Can you share an artwork from pixilart with me?
May 25 by SeeYaLater!
I think it's good, but maybe you should keep your Database pic separate from your Pixilart pic.
May 24 by Lucky Ranno
I'm not meaning crazy, it's like basically shadowing like your profile picture. And you don't have a phone?! Oof
May 15 by SeeYaLater!
Can you send some pictures? And is it like fricking over shadowed and detailed or just normal/no shadowing and Pokémon style?
May 9 by SeeYaLater!