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kinda quiet
Mar 17 by BeastMaster™
Ah yes, Fuzzlocke. Because he's Fuzzy lol. It looks good so far, good luck completing it!
Jan 28, 2020 by Clobboot
Haha, thanks. I'll give it a look. But I don't use Deviant Art so I won't be commenting there.
Jan 28, 2020 by Clobboot
Well goshdamnit i'm not funny.
Oct 31, 2019 by Syl ™
You're welcome.
Oct 30, 2019 by Thunder Clapper
Oh wow, I guess I should start making comments then. :O
Oct 29, 2019 by Syl ™
I subbed to your YouTube Channel (a while ago). Also, this is my first wall post on your wall which is perfectly normal. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Oct 28, 2019 by Thunder Clapper
Your 'hello internet!' video is frickenn awesome! Love it :D

Though i'm jealous you got 8 subscribers for just batsquirtle D:<
Oct 28, 2019 by Syl ™
Cool! I'll make sure to check it out.
Oct 27, 2019 by Clobboot
No problem.
Oct 14, 2019 by Clobboot