Master Trainers

Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! introduce a new feature, Master Trainers. After defeating the Elite Four, 150 advanced trainers will be scattered across the Kanto region, each of whom specialise in a single Pokémon, from Bulbasaur all the way to Mew, plus the GO-exclusives Meltan/Melmetal. They are each indicated with an icon of their favorite Pokémon above their head.

However, it's not just a case of pitting your best team against them. Battles are 1v1 and you must use the same Pokémon as the Master Trainer. So for example a Venusaur must be used against the Venusaur trainer. No items are allowed to be used. The Master Trainers' Pokémon also have surprising moves that are often super-effective against themselves, such as Pinsir with Rock Slide.

Defeating each of these trainers earns you a title such as Psyduck Master for beating the Psyduck Master Trainer.

Not all Master Trainers require battling - Ditto, and the legendary Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo do not require battles, but instead must be shown a truly powerful version of the Pokémon (one with a high CP).

Pikachu Master Trainer in Viridian Forest
Pikachu Master Trainer in Viridian Forest
Winning the Charizard Master title
Winning the Charizard Master title

Trainer locations

Below are all the Pokémon Master Trainers along with their locations, Pokémon levels and full movesets.

001 BulbasaurGrass
Lass Rena Route 4 (north) 65 Sludge Bomb, Take Down, Growth
002 IvysaurGrass
Lass Katrina Route 14 (south) 70 Sludge Bomb, Double-Edge, Growth
003 VenusaurGrass
Lass Sal Route 23 (north) 75 Sludge Bomb, Outrage, Growth
004 CharmanderFire
Ace Trainer Tim Celadon City Condiminiums (rear entrance) 65 Slash, Seismic Toss, Smokescreen
005 CharmeleonFire
Ace Trainer Christopher Route 10 (south west) 70 Outrage, Dig, Smokescreen
006 CharizardFire
Ace Trainer Edmund Route 23 (north) 75 Dragon Pulse, Thunder Punch, Protect
007 SquirtleWater
Beauty Suzy Route 12 (north) 65 Headbutt, Bite, Withdraw
008 WartortleWater
Beauty Prita Route 20 (north west) 70 Headbutt, Rock Slide, Skull Bash
009 BlastoiseWater
Beauty Tessa Route 20 (south east of Seafoam Islands) 80 Fake Out, Rock Slide, Dark Pulse, Substitute
010 CaterpieBug
Bug Catcher Jake Route 18 (east) 65 Tackle, String Shot
011 MetapodBug
Bug Catcher Bryson Route 11 (east) 65 Tackle, String Shot, Harden
012 ButterfreeBug
Bug Catcher Bobby Viridian Forest (north west, in gatehouse) 75 Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder, Air Slash
013 WeedleBug
Bug Catcher Scott Viridian Forest (south west) 65 Poison Sting, String Shot
014 KakunaBug
Bug Catcher Kenny Route 13 (east) 65 Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden
015 BeedrillBug
Bug Catcher Terry Route 8 (east) 75 Outrage, Drill Run, Agility
016 PidgeyNormal
Bird Keeper Louey Route 2 (south west) 65 Fly, Toxic, Protect, Roost
017 PidgeottoNormal
Bird Keeper Howie Route 16 (west) 70 Air Slash, Headbutt, Agility
018 PidgeotNormal
Bird Keeper Wyatt Route 12 (gate) 75 Sky Attack, Hyper Beam, Reflect, Roost
019 RattataNormal
Youngster Bret Route 10 (north east) 65 Bite, Headbutt, Thunder Wave
020 RaticateNormal
Youngster Denis Cerulean City (in house north east of PokéCenter 75 Double-Edge, Facade, Blizzard
021 SpearowNormal
Bird Keeper Ralph Pewter City (south) 70 Fury Attack, Focus Energy
022 FearowNormal
Bird Keeper Theo Route 18 (south east) 80 Sky Attack, Focus Energy, Drill Run
023 EkansPoison
Scientist Herbert Route 4 (east) 70 Glare, Bite, Rock Slide
024 ArbokPoison
Scientist Adam Team Rocket Hideout (B1F, south west) 75 Glare, Facade, Wrap, Sucker Punch
025 PikachuElectric
Lass Ikue Viridian Forest (north west) 75 Slam, Toxic, Substitute, Reflect
026 RaichuElectric
Lass Charlotte Pokémon Tower (6F) 75 Headbutt, Double Team, Hyper Beam
027 SandshrewGround
Hiker Paul Route 11 (west) 70 Poison Jab, Seismic Toss, Sand Attack
028 SandslashGround
Hiker Benjamin Route 7 (gate) 75 Drill Run, Swords Dance, Substitute
029 Nidoran♀Poison
Ace Trainer Ronnie Route 3 (center) 65 Super Fang, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam
030 NidorinaPoison
Ace Trainer Fred Underground Path 7-8 70 Super Fang, Thunder, Blizzard
031 NidoqueenPoison
Ace Trainer Percy Route 23 (center) 75 Super Fang, Blizzard, Surf
032 Nidoran♂Poison
Ace Trainer Alvin Route 4 (east) 70 Iron Tail, Headbutt
033 NidorinoPoison
Ace Trainer Dave Underground Path 7-8 75 Iron Tail, Dig
034 NidokingPoison
Ace Trainer Carlton Route 23 (west) 80 Horn Drill, Drill Run, Ice Punch
035 ClefairyFairy
Lass Chel Saffron City (west) 70 Sing, Metronome
036 ClefableFairy
Lass Alexandra Mt. Moon (B1F, center) 80 Iron Tail, Moonblast, Minimize
037 VulpixFire
Ace Trainer Finn Route 6 (north east) 70 Toxic, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray
038 NinetalesFire
Ace Trainer Arnold Route 9 (center) 75 Hypnosis, Calm Mind, Dark Pulse, Dream Eater
039 JigglypuffNormal
Lass Marge Pewter City (PokéCenter) 70 Sing, Body Slam, Disable
040 WigglytuffNormal
Lass Yumi Silph Co. (11F, south east - access from central warp panel on 3F) 75 Sing, Tri Attack, Disable
041 ZubatPoison
Scientist West Rock Tunnel (B1F, north) 70 Air Slash, Confuse Ray
042 GolbatPoison
Scientist Keaton Victory Road (3F, south east) 75 Fly, Confuse Ray, Roost
043 OddishGrass
Lass Amy Viridian City (east) 65 Sludge Bomb
044 GloomGrass
Lass Emma Pewter City (west) 70 Sludge Bomb
045 VileplumeGrass
Lass Satoko Route 14 (north) 75 Substitute, Reflect, Hyper Beam
046 ParasBug
Bug Catcher Evan Mt. Moon (1F, north east) 70 X-Scissor, Sludge Bomb
047 ParasectBug
Bug Catcher Hans Route 2 (south east) 75 Leech Life, Sludge Bomb
048 VenonatBug
Bug Catcher Olly Route 24 (north west of Nugget Bridge) 70 Disable, Sleep Powder, Psybeam
049 VenomothBug
Bug Catcher Lajos Route 15 (north) 75 Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder, Psychic
050 DiglettGround
Hiker Collin Diglett's Cave (north) 70 Sucker Punch, Dig
051 DugtrioGround
Hiker Dexter Diglett's Cave (south) 75 Sand Attack, Substitute, Fissure, Slash
052 MeowthNormal
Youngster Ken Viridian City (PokéMart) 70 Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Dark Pulse
053 PersianNormal
Youngster Shawn Team Rocket Hideout (B2F, west) 75 Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nasty Plot, Hyper Beam
054 PsyduckWater
Beauty Nicole Route 21 (south west) 70 Amnesia, Psychic, Rest
055 GolduckWater
Beauty Camille Route 4 (east, near Cerulean Cave entrance) 75 Yawn, Calm Mind, Psychic
056 MankeyFighting
Black Belt Tadashi Route 5 (north of Day Care) 70 Focus Energy, Karate Chop, Fury Swipes
057 PrimeapeFighting
Black Belt Kano Route 11 (gate) 75 Counter, Taunt, Brick Break
058 GrowlitheFire
Ace Trainer Austin Route 7 (north east) 70 Dig, Toxic, Reflect
059 ArcanineFire
Ace Trainer Satch Celadon City (Hotel) 75 Facade, Hyper Beam, Double-Edge, Reflect
060 PoliwagWater
Lass Vicky Route 12 (south) 65 Hypnosis, Headbutt, Hydro Pump
061 PoliwhirlWater
Lass Kimberly Cerulean City (inside house) 70 Substitute, Scald, Psychic
062 PoliwrathWater
Black Belt Yuen Cerulean City (north, behind house) 75 Brick Break, Bulk Up, Psychic
063 AbraPsychic
Psychic Angelo Viridian City (south west) 70 Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Thunder Wave
064 KadabraPsychic
Psychic Jaime Saffron City (south east, in Mr. Psychic's house) 75 Iron Tail, Thunder Punch, Facade
065 AlakazamPsychic
Psychic Frasier Route 10 (south) 80 Disable, Recover, Calm Mind, Tri Attack
066 MachopFighting
Black Belt Masahiro Silph Co. (4F, north west) 65 Thunder Punch, Poison Jab, Bulk Up
067 MachokeFighting
Black Belt Ryuji Fuchsia City (south east in house) 70 Poison Jab, Fire Punch, Bulk Up
068 MachampFighting
Black Belt Randy Vermilion City (north east) 75 Brick Break, Headbutt, Bulk Up
069 BellsproutGrass
Lass Hana Viridian City (Trainers' School) 65 Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Growth
070 WeepinbellGrass
Lass Emily Pokémon Tower (7F) 70 Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Growth
071 VictreebelGrass
Lass Dianne Celadon City (near gym) 75 Poison Jab, Sucker Punch, Swords Dance
072 TentacoolWater
Scientist Francis Route 20 (north east of Seafoam Islands) 75 Barrier, Headbutt, Hydro Pump
073 TentacruelWater
Scientist Melvin Route 20 (west) 80 Wrap, Screech, Barrier, Headbutt
074 GeodudeRock
Hiker Irwin Rock Tunnel (1F, center) 65 Bide, Brick Break
075 GravelerRock
Hiker Dillan Victory Road (1F, south) 70 Fire Blast, Sand Attack, Defense Curl
076 GolemRock
Hiker Valentino Pewter City Museum of Science (2F) 75 Dig, Fire Punch, Defense Curl, Protect
077 PonytaFire
Ace Trainer Garret Saffron City (east) 70 Reflect, Toxic, Fire Spin, Rest
078 RapidashFire
Ace Trainer Raymond Saffron City (north west) 75 Hypnosis, Horn Drill, Drill Run
079 SlowpokeWater
Beauty Jill Route 21 (south) 70 Thunder Wave, Earthquake, Facade
080 SlowbroWater
Beauty Haruka Route 21 (center) 75 Disable, Calm Mind, Yawn, Shadow Ball
081 MagnemiteElectric
Scientist Murray Underground Path 5-6 70 Flash Cannon, Supersonic
082 MagnetonElectric
Scientist Julian Underground Path 5-6 75 Thunder, Hyper Beam
083 Farfetch'dNormal
Bird Keeper Moe Vermilion City (next to PokéCenter) 70 Swords Dance, Fly, Feint
084 DoduoNormal
Bird Keeper Barney Cerulean City (bike shop) 70 Swords Dance, Jump Kick
085 DodrioNormal
Bird Keeper Seymour Route 15 (south east) 75 Agility, Headbutt
086 SeelWater
Beauty Aina Seafoam Islands (1F, east) 70 Double-Edge, Encore
087 DewgongWater
Beauty Lois Seafoam Islands (B1F, south) 75 Horn Drill, Toxic, Rest, Protect
088 GrimerPoison
Scientist Cory Celadon City (center, by pool) 70 Minimize, Fire Punch, Protect
089 MukPoison
Scientist Gordon Pokémon Mansion (2F, east) 75 Haze, Rock Slide, Thunder Punch
090 ShellderWater
Beauty Shelly Route 19 (south east) 70 Shell Smash, Ice Shard, Headbutt
091 CloysterWater
Beauty Rose Route 20 (south west of Seafoam Islands) 75 Barrier, Toxic, Protect, Rest
092 GastlyGhost
Psychic Arin Lavender Town (center, behind house) 70 Shadow Ball
093 HaunterGhost
Psychic Danny Lavender Town (center, behind houses) 75 Shadow Ball
094 GengarGhost
Psychic Ross Lavender Town (east, behind PokéMart) 80 Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Thunderbolt
095 OnixRock
Hiker Jim Underground Path 7-8 70 Wrap, Toxic, Harden, Protect
096 DrowzeePsychic
Psychic Anton Viridian City (PokéCenter) 70 Thunder Wave, Headbutt, Meditate
097 HypnoPsychic
Psychic Vlad Pokémon Tower (5F) 75 Hypnosis, Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball
098 KrabbyWater
Ace Trainer Carl Vermilion City (Pokémon Fan Club) 70 Superpower, X-Scissor
099 KinglerWater
Ace Trainer Leopold Silph Co. (1F) 75 Agility, Stomp, Scald, Guillotine
100 VoltorbElectric
Scientist Humphrey Power Plant (east) 70 Light Screen, Swift
101 ElectrodeElectric
Scientist Elton Route 17 (center) 75 Screech, Headbutt, Light Screen
102 ExeggcuteGrass
Lass Summer Route 24 (east of Nugget Bridge) 70 Sludge Bomb, Facade
103 ExeggutorGrass
Lass Cindy Cinnabar Island (near PokéCenter) 75 Hypnosis, Solar Beam, Hyper Beam
104 CuboneGround
Hiker Richter Route 8 (gate) 70 Bonemerang, Growl
105 MarowakGround
Hiker Julius Lavender Town (Mr. Fuji's house) 75 Swords Dance, Double-Edge, Fire Punch
106 HitmonleeFighting
Black Belt Cheng Saffron City (Fighting Dojo) 75 High Jump Kick, Feint
107 HitmonchanFighting
Black Belt Wong Saffron City (Fighting Dojo) 75 Bulk Up, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch
108 LickitungNormal
Youngster Cid Route 16 (gate) 70 Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder, Disable
109 KoffingPoison
Scientist Albert Route 17 (center) 70 Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Protect
110 WeezingPoison
Scientist Donnie Team Rocket Hideout (B3F, north) 75 Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Taunt
111 RhyhornGround
Hiker Farkas Route 17 (south) 70 Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast
112 RhydonGround
Hiker Eugine Rocket Hideout (B2F, south west) 75 Earthquake, Horn Drill
113 ChanseyNormal
Lass Mizuki Fuchsia City (PokéCenter) 75 Seismic Toss, Soft-Boiled, Light Screen, Reflect
114 TangelaGrass
Lass Harleen Route 15 (north west) 75 Bind, Hyper Beam, Toxic, Protect
115 KangaskhanNormal
Ace Trainer Mac Fuchsia City (north west) 75 Rage, Headbutt
116 HorseaWater
Beauty Beverly Route 19 (east) 70 Scald, Protect
117 SeadraWater
Beauty Lucy Route 12 (north east) 75 Smokescreen, Hyper Beam, Substitute
118 GoldeenWater
Beauty Evette Route 12 (center) 70 Agility, Headbutt, Poison Jab
119 SeakingWater
Beauty Arianna Route 13 (south) 75 Skull Bash, Scald, Protect
120 StaryuWater
Beauty Jo Route 19 (north) 70 Tri Attack, Swift, Light Screen
121 StarmieWater
Psychic Harrison Route 25 (east) 75 Minimize, Psywave, Light Screen
122 Mr. MimePsychic
Psychic Rui Celadon City Condiminiums (2F) 70 Calm Mind, Barrier, Dazzling Gleam
123 ScytherBug
Bug Catcher Louie Route 5 (gate) 75 Swords Dance, Slash, Roost
124 JynxIce
Psychic Avery Cerulean City (west, near Cerulean Cave entrance) 75 Calm Mind, Lovely Kiss, Dream Eater, Seismic Toss
125 ElectabuzzElectric
Scientist Levi Route 10 (north, next to Power Plant) 75 Reflect, Fire Punch, Psychic
126 MagmarFire
Ace Trainer Jace Pokémon Mansion (1F, east) 75 Toxic, Confuse Ray, Psychic, Fire Spin
127 PinsirBug
Bug Catcher Ryouta Route 18 (gate) 75 Rock Slide, X-Scissor, Guillotine
128 TaurosNormal
Ace Trainer Jaxson Fuchsia City (north east) 75 Double-Edge, Rage
129 MagikarpWater
Youngster Easton Route 4 (PokéCenter) 65 Tackle, Splash
130 GyaradosWater
Ace Trainer Dominic Celadon City (Hotel) 75 Earthquake, Thunderbolt
131 LaprasWater
Lass Hazel Pokémon Tower (4F) 75 Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Confuse Ray
132 DittoNormal
Pokémon Mansion (3F, north east) Request: Show a minimum 4000 CP Ditto
133 EeveeNormal
Lass Aoi Route 17 (north) 75 Reflect, Double-Edge
134 VaporeonWater
Lass Yue Celadon City (Department Store, 2F) 75 Shadow Ball, Toxic, Rest
135 JolteonElectric
Scientist Alphonse Celadon City (Department Store, 3F) 75 Light Screen, Yawn, Shadow Ball
136 FlareonFire
Ace Trainer Dax Celadon City (Department Store, 4F) 75 Flare Blitz, Superpower, Fire Spin
137 PorygonNormal
Scientist Jordan Celadon City (Game Corner) 70 Iron Tail, Conversion, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt
138 OmanyteRock
Hiker Colson Mt. Moon (B2F, center) 70 Scald, Blizzard
139 OmastarRock
Hiker Lionel Cinnabar Island (Pokémon Lab) 75 Shell Smash, Waterfall, Rock Slide, Bite
140 KabutoRock
Hiker Barnaby Mt. Moon (B2F, north east) 70 Reflect, Sand Attack, Substitute, Leech Life
141 KabutopsRock
Hiker Kenji Pewter City (north east in house) 75 Mega Drain, Brick Break, Feint
142 AerodactylRock
Hiker Hisato Pewter City Museum of Science (1F) 75 Roost, Fly, Toxic, Iron Tail
143 SnorlaxNormal
Ace Trainer Jay Route 16 (east) 75 Reflect, Facade, Rest
144 ArticunoIce
Seafoam Islands (B4F, west) Request: Show a minimum 7500 CP Articuno
145 ZapdosElectric
Power Plant (north west) Request: Show a minimum 7500 CP Zapdos
146 MoltresFire
Victory Road (2F, south) Request: Show a minimum 7500 CP Moltres
147 DratiniDragon
Ace Trainer Jirard Route 23 (south west) 65 Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, Agility
148 DragonairDragon
Ace Trainer Arjun Seafoam Islands (B3F, south) 70 Dragon Pulse, Blizzard, Thunder Wave, Light Screen
149 DragoniteDragon
Ace Trainer Grayson Cerulean City (inside house) 75 Outrage, Ice Beam, Aqua Jet, Reflect
150 MewtwoPsychic
Pokémon Mansion (B1F, south) Request: Show a minimum 9000 CP Mewtwo
151 MewPsychic
Pokémon Mansion (B1F, west) Request: Show a minimum 8000 CP Mew
808 MeltanSteel
Pokémon Mansion (B1F, south west) Request: Show a minimum 4000 CP Meltan
809 MelmetalSteel
Pokémon Mansion (B1F, north) Request: Show a minimum 8000 CP Melmetal