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Sometimes, in Nimbasa City, there is a slowing of my game.

Right after exiting the Pokemon Center, I get onto my bike. I head upwards toward Big Stadium on the path right NEXT to the Pokemon Center. My game slows down a bit, and then goes back to normal Speed.

  • This happens in both my White and White 2.
  • I have tried many DS, DSi, and 3DS. Same result.
  • I don't think it is the Game Chip, because what are the chances that both my White and White 2 are affected?
That has happened to me as well.
Yeah same, maybe it is the speed of the bike and the detail and size of Nimbasa City which causes it to lag a bit?
^-----  exactly what happens

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As Leboss and Ice said, the high amount of detail put into Nimbasa City causes the game to lag because The Bike moves so fast. Nintendo should have fixed that......

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