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Here are the prizes:

1: Master Ball
2: Rare Candy
3: PP Max
4: PP Up
5: Max Revive
6: Max Elixir
7: Max Ether
8: Ultra Ball
9: Full Heal
10: Berry Juice

If possible, do it per rank.

I got a masterball and my raffle was only rank three B)

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Once per day, the player can win a random prize from the raffle. Unlike other shops, the Raffle Shop's merchandise pool doesn't increase as it levels. Instead, the player's chance of getting a top prize is increased.

So basically, as the raffle gains levels, the chance of drawing something high in the ranks is increased.

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Bulbapedia likely will have it, at a later time though.
If that is so, I will edit ASAP.
I've never gotten anything other than berry juice :(
Did you know,I got a master ball yesterday