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I've walked about everywhere in the forest in Pearl, but I can't find the mossy rock to evolve my Pokemon .-.


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This map should help. Its in the middle, towards the left.

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Now how did I miss that... Do you know what level my Eevee will evolve into Leafeon at (if it's at level 1 with NO exp right now?)
Level 2.
Also, apparently you can Level it up anywhere in Eterna Forest,
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It is in the South West of the Forest, but you can evolve Pokemon (Like Leafeon) anywhere in the forest

No, you have to level it up near the Mossy Rock...

"A small Moss Rock is located in the southwestern section of the Eterna Forest in Sinnoh, to the west of a formation of trees that resembles a sideways L. Eevee will evolve if leveled up anywhere in the forest, except for the Old Chateau and the path that encompasses the outskirts of the forest."

Never knew that before.