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Is there a Mossy or Icy Rock for Leafeon/Glaceon in ORAS?

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The Mossy Rock is in Petalburg Forest, but I don't know where the Icy Rock is...

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Yes there is mossy rock and icy rock in ORAS

Mossy rock

It is in Petalburg Woods.In the north-east of Petalburg Woods, behind a Cut tree, you will find a small moss covered rock in the absolute corner.
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Icy rock

It is in Shoal Cave.In the absolute bottom floor of the Shoal Cave, you will find a small moss covered rock in the middle. This area is only available for short times every day. It is available when the tide is out between 03:00-09:00 and 15:00-21:00 every day. In all other times, it will not be accessible.
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Thank you that helps my Eevee collection!
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I think the Mossy Rock in in Petalburg Forest and the Icy Rock is in Shoal Cave.

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