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I have a few Qs about genesect's forms and drives.
1.I was playing B2 and Black and I traded Genesect between those games and I went to the P2 labratory and I battled the scientist on both. After that he gave 2 drives to me but they were the same(Burn and Shock Drive).My question is, does he give you the other two diffrent drives in White and White 2?
2.I gave my genesect the two diffrent drives and looked on genesect's page on my pokedex.It didn't show the diffrent forms of him holding the burn and shock drive.My Q is,does genesect's diffrent forms show up on the pokedex?


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Question 1:

If you are playing Black or Black 2:

(Burn Drive = Fire)

(Shock Drive = Electric)

If you are playing White or White 2

(Douse Drive = Water)

(Chill Drive = Ice)

Source: How does Genesect change forms?

Question 2:

No, they do not show the different forms.

Source: My National PokeDex

Thanks DA
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In White/White 2 you get the Douse (water) and Frost(I think) (ice). It does change it depends if your Dex. is upgraded yet. Well upgraded enough at least. And you also have to go to Genesect and click forms in case you did not notice that.....

My pokedex is upgraded and I checked on forms.