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I have a Darumaka with the inner focus ability and I'm not sure if it will have the zen mode ability upon evolving?

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I'm pretty sure the answer can be found on the site?

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There is no doubt that a Pokemon with its Hidden Ability will evolve with the evolution's Hidden Ability or not.
The answer is just clear. YES

In Pokemon White two I got myself a Teddirusa with Honey Gather (By trading with Yancy) which is its Hidden Ability and it evolved to a Ursaring which had Unnerve which is the Hidden Ability.

This is the same for Darumaka and any Pokemon with Hidden Ability evolve with the Hidden Ability of the evolved Pokemon.

Source:Knowledge and Experience

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Soo apparently I was wrong on my inner focus darumaka and had the Hustle ability on it instead and I'm going through pokemon black and hunting for an inner focus darumaka now, how do you get an inner focus darumaka? All the internet shows is the dream world but I don't have that yet :/
Sry idk abt the location of inner focus darumaka in BW but i know where to find it in B2W2.
But still I have answered the question u have asked.
Just press the green cocloured button on the top right if this answered ur question(not the one in comment).
Thank you for taking the time to reply to me :D have a nice day!