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Im looking for some good dragon Pokemon in black 2 and white. I have clocked white and just need to beat the elite four in black 2. My 3 fave stats are speed attack and defense. Also if they are not fully evoled could you state what they evolve at/with? Thank you in advance.


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Well if you like the Stats Atk, Def, and Spe then... Salamence is for you!

Salamence's Stats

HP 95 300 - 394
ATTACK 135 247 - 405
DEFENSE 80 148 - 284
SP. ATK 110 202 - 350
SP. DEF 80 148 - 284
SPEED 100 184 - 328

I would give the Salamence

Dragon Claw
Fire Fang
Aqua Tail/ Dragon Dance (use if you don't have a Choice Band)

Give the Salamence a Choice Scarf (for speed) and it's ability has to be Moxie.
Hope this helps!

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thank you, I also think salamance looks pretty awsome! Soon I'll have him, Fraxure, Aron and Flygon.
Dragon dance and scarf? Lol you would be set up fodder xD one or the other
Where do you find a bagon?
which game?
White 2
"Im looking for some good dragon Pokemon in black 2"
I will give you a Salamence if you want
Urrmm, Id like to trade but I dont ave the foggiest idea ow to