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At the moment, mine has:

  • Techno Blast
  • X-Scissor
  • Flash Cannon
  • Tri-Attack

It has Serious Nature.


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To answer your initial question, Flash Cannon<Iron Head, as tue set that you currently have is mostly special.

Running a fully Special set would consume less EV's and focus his Role on the team as a Special Sweeper. However, you seem to like a Mixed Set (based off the set above), so I'll give one that has advantages over both Volcarona and Scizor, who individually would be a better choice.

Genesect @ Dowse Drive
Ability: Download
EV's: 252 Atk / 236 Spd / 22 SAtk
- U-turn
- Iron Head
- Techno Blast (Water)
- Thunder Wave

ParaFlinch set that has the ability to Pivot on a switching foe that plans to shift with a Pokemon that has Heal Bell. U-turn is for both STAB and what was said before, and Iron Head also serves as a STAB attack but works well with Paralysis. Techno Blast is used because you seem to want to cover its 4* Fire weakness, and while I'd rather sace the Item slot and go for Hidden Power Water, your Genesect seems to be an in-game Pokemon, so this isn't possible by easy means (unless you hack). Thunder Wave is what officially sets it apart from Sicor; Paralyze the opponent to open up KOes for your skower Pokemon, or simply Iron Head them to death and watch as they either Flinch or be Paralyzed.

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i dont really want my genesect to be an in-game only, which would be a terrible waste of an epic event legendary like this (mewtwo is still better though), and the reason i asked the question was because i want to make a good use out of download, and tri-attack isnt a move i was going to keep. i really like this moveset, but i guess i will keep x-scissor, since that move works for me better than u-turn. this answer is very good though, and thanks a lot! :)))))
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Neither. I'd use a set more like this:

Genesect @ Choice Scarf

Trait: Download

EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Rash Nature (+SpA, -SpD)

Ice Beam

Credit to Hex.

...what about that 4X fire weakness?
What about it? It makes no sense to have a move to "cover your weakness", other Pokemon besides fire types can use fire moves. I'd advise having a Pokemon like FF Heatran in reserve to take those Fire attacks.
He didn't ask for a new set, he asked for which to choose.
it also is a bad way to use that epic download ability since everything other than u-turn is special
..what. download can boost special attack too
Why did you steal my Gravatar?
He didn't "steal" your gravatar. He made that his gravatar not realizing it was the same one as yours, and either way there is no rule saying that no 2 users may have the same gravatar, if you don't like it then just change yours.
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