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I want my Lucario to have a steel type move for stab. I have the Tms for Flash Cannon and Iron Tail but I don't know which 1 I should teach to it. It has 101 special attack and 93 attack and is at lvl 36 with a mild nature and Hates to lose characteristic. So both would work ok. I already know that Iron Tail is physical has 100 power and 75 accuracy and Flash Cannon is special with 80 power and 100 accuracy so don't answer by saying that. Just tell me which one you think would be better for my Lucario. Thank You in advanced.

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How else can we answer? Your Lucario has better special attack, flash cannon is a strong special move with 100% accuracy, therefore it's the best choice.

The other choice is NEITHER. You'll probably find that there are no situations to use a Steel move. Lucario is fighting type so that covers both ice and rock already.

Thanks, I was leaning toward flash cannon anyway. another vote for flash cannon and ill be 110% sure. right now im 99% sure. Also, Flash Cannon is Not just for type coverage. If Lucario is fighting a flying type, and it only has fighting moves, how will it knock out the flying pokemon?
What is stab? Also, I agree that flash cannon is better, mostly due to accuracy. Hey Pokemaster, what's your Pearl/Diamond team and can you answer a question I just posted.
i know this wasnt your options but take dark pulse rather
Actually now that fairy resists fighting and is weak to steel, Lucario's secondary STAB has become a lot more viable, though this answer was posted far before the existence of fairy types
true, I'm just happy steel and poison are less underrated than before, but for those still in generation 5, dark pulse is an excellent alternative
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I agree flash cannon is better. Becuase better safe than sorry

Alright, I taught flash cannon, thx