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Not really, as with the release of the Sixth Generation. Lucario get's a lot better Steel Type STAB move than Flash Cannon, though of course I'm not saying Flash Cannon is bad. It get's the new priority move, Bullet Punch. This is what made Lucario come back into the OU Metagame so fast. It lead with the priority Bullet Punch. Though Flash Cannon is still a good Special STAB move for Luc. Don't get me wrong there.

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I wouldn't teach it any steel atatcks, to be honest. Steel's only good agaisnt 2 types offensive wise(ice and rock) and fighting is just a better alternative. Lucario still gets the type bonus as well. Give him Extremespeed, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere and Hmmm Try go Mixed so chose Stone Edge or Earthquake For Better coverage

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give it  a focus sash  it would get OHKO'd  by  ny fire type