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Which one of these fighting type moves is better for Lucario? (Competitively)
- Close Combat
- Brick Break
- Hi Jump Kick
- Power-up Punch
- Sky uppercut

The rest of Lucario's moveset is
Nature - Adamant
EV's - ?
Ability - Inner Focus - Adaptability
Item - Lucarionite


Rock Slide
Shadow Claw
Zen Headbutt

EDIT - Please also give suggestions for my EV spread.

I'm no ace but I predict that the answer will be 252 Atk / 252 Spe and Close Combat.
Close Combat, btw you don't really need Zen Headbutt since CC will still do more damage anyways.
Nobody likes drain punch anymore? D':
Drain Punch is better for bulkier mons
I have a drain punch Hawlucha and it works wonders. (near immunity to revenge killing)
Power up punch or brick break imo because Power up punch is basically an attack and a swords dance in one, or brick break because it has higher base power and can break through screens. I personally don't like high risk moves like high jump kick or the defense drop from close combat. Knowing me since I love being able to heal my Pokemon I'd try drain punch even though it's probably not that good. EV's 252 atk 252 speed and put the other 4 on hp or something
I usually run a mixed Lucario, but I usually just use it in game not competitively.
Power-up punch boosts twice as slow as swords dance. The damage from it isn't worth the cost.

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Here is a FANTASTIC Lucario:

Lucario @Lucarionite
Trait: Steadfast --> Adaptability
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Hp
-Swords Dance; To set up when your opponent switches
-Close Combat/Drain Punch; Raw power to sweep or hit bulky mons
-Bullet Punch; Adaptability + Priority + Swords Dance = What made this thing go to Uber
-Earthquake/Blaze Kick; Fire Coverage/High chance of crit

Hope I helped!

You just gave a moveset. That's not what was asked for.
The answer was basically Close Combat/Drain Punch, I just made a set with it