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I have a lvl. 100 lucario with close combat, bullet punch, and extreme speed. I want another reliable fighting type stab move(I prefer physical because it's a mega). What should I get?

What do you want to use this Lucario for? If you want to use it to battle other people, then close combat should be good enough.
It only matters if Lucario is going to take a hit. If it takes a hit, that means it either failed to KO or was too slow. In both of those scenarios, you probably should have switched in the first place.
In other words, the defence drops matter very little for Lucario and the same goes for most sweepers. Close Combat is regarded a standard move on physical Lucario.
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If you can be bothered to breed another Lucario, and level it up to 100, I have an ideal Lucario moveset with egg moves from Smeargle and Blaziken:

Lucario @ Lucarionite
Ability: Inner Focus
Evs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
Nature: Adamant
Meteor Mash (bred from Smeargle)
High Jump Kick (bred from Blaziken)
Extreme Speed (Level Up)
Earthquake (TM Move)

If you can't be bothered to rebreed, then you can put Earthquake on as it covers lots of types. Close Combat is probably the best fighting move your current Lucario can learn, due to its high power. So, either:

Rebreed Lucario
Meteor Mash
High Jump Kick
Extreme Speed

Current Lucario
Close Combat
Extreme Speed
Bullet Punch

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Don't use high jump kick. Close combat is more accurate.
Actually sumwun, High Jump Kick has 10 more Base Power, no irritating Defence drops, and the same chance of missing as Toxic. Lucario has such poor health if it misses HJK then it is basically dead, and if it gets hit after a Close Combat it is dead too due to the stat drops. They basically balance each other out, except that HJK has 5 more PP and 10 more power.
I thought high jump kick had 110 base power. Sorry.
(assuming this is singles; milk never told us the format) If Lucario is hit after a high jump kick, then it's dead even if it has no stat drops. And the 10 extra base power don't help at all unless there's a threat that can be one-shot by high jump kick but not close combat. Unless such a threat exists, high jump kick will be 90% as useful as close combat.