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I have 6v6 team for online battles which I am fairly happy with, and I have decided to use a Steel-Type Pokemon for my last slot. I have narrowed it down to Lucario or Aegislash, but since I already have Mega Alakazam on my team I can't use Lucarionite. Can you tell me which is better please? These are the two sets I have in mind:

Aegislash @Ghostium Z
Ability: Stance Change
Evs: 252Atk 128Def 128Spdef
Nature: Brave
King's Shield
Iron Head
Shadow Claw
Sacred Sword

Lucario @Fightinium Z
Ability: Justified
Evs: 252Atk 252Spe 4HP
Nature: Adamant
High Jump Kick
Meteor Mash
Swords Dance/Blaze Kick

Please post reasons for which Pokemon is better competitively, and why. Also post alternative movesets, but they have to be a Z-Move user as I don't have one yet. Thanks!


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Aegislash, lets start listing reasons:

A: Obvious first point (but a bit over used): Non mega Lucario is in a lower tier than Aegislash

B: Aegislash having Ghostium Z is not expected in battle spot. When your opponent expects King's Shield, use it (if suggested), it is a good KO and Mind Games.

C: Lucario is relatively Frail. It is much easier to OHKO it.

Hope I helped

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I would really go for Aegislash. Keep the moveset. Lucario has low Defense and Spec. Defense, while Aegislash has high Defense and Spec. Defense in one form, and high Attack and Spec. Attack in the other. It's useful when battling against weak Pokemon and then defending yourself against stronger opponents.