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What item should I use on this Aegislash?

Aegislash @?
Ability: Stance Chance
Evs: 252Atk 252Spe 4HP
King's Shield (required)
Iron Head (STAB)
Shadow Claw (STAB)
Sacred Sword (Covers anything IH+SC can't hit)

Also should I use Shadow Claw or Shadow Sneak? I can't use a Spell Tag as I stupidly sold it to a PokeMart! Is there a way I can get it back?

No you can't get it back. Sneak beacuse Aegislash is slow and it hits hard with that high attack. I suggest Swords Dance instead of Sacred Sword. Item can be Muscle Band or Expert Belt or Sitrus Berry or Weakness Policy. I suggest weakness policy.
Thanks! How do I get WP again?
Do you want to use this for in-game or competitive purposes?
In game probably or maybe in friendly matches vs my friends.
When you're using this against your friends, are you playing singles or doubles?

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Give Aegislash a leftovers so it can heal over time. It restores 1/8 of your HP every time you use king's shield. Also, you should probably replace its other three moves with shadow sneak, shadow ball, and toxic. Aegislash won't outspeed much even if you give it speed EVs, so it's better with a spread like 252 HP/252 SpA/4 SpD quiet.

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1/16, actually.
KIng's shield passes an additional turn, and 2 times 1/16 equals 1/8.
I prefer sweeping teams with swords dance and shadow sneak(priority)
There are better sweepers. Aegislash's best role is to be a tank.