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K so I've been sitting here for about 2 hours wondering on which of these two use. I haven't got a whole team planned yet (Procrastination. FTW) so I obviously can't give you an idea of my team ;~; but I'm not sure whether to use Lucario (Mega Lucario) or Excadrill.
For me it's not just a question of the better offensive option. I know Lucario possesses the higher offensive stats, but Excadrill has access to Rapid Spin, which is something I might need. I dunno :< So I'm completely torn. Alot of power or utility + good power? I has Dragonite (I havn't got the whole team, but I have some of it), which is the main thing weak to Rocks so far. Halp Me. D:


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I think you should chose Excadrill between the 2. Excadrill is actually super great, as it is an excellent counter to Tyranitar, abusing the Sandstorm for the use of one of his 3 wonderful abilities (unless you run Mold Breaker) and a spinner is always great to have. But actually, thinking wise, why don't you get both ?

If you can't decide, then you will have a great offensive Mega-Evolved Pokémon, and a spinner. A spinner is mandatory on teams with Dragonite, just because of the ability, Multiscale.
There are not Mega VS Not Mega.

Honestly, if I were you, I would simply try to get both, or at least Excadrill.

Excadrill is a spinner with a huge attack, access to Mold Breaker Earthquake and a counter to Tyranitar lead, if you have Swords Dance + Sand Rush and Earthquake to kill Tyranitar. Lucario, on the other hand, provides nice offense but is not so useful, except in double with Beat Up Scarfed Sneasel.

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If one of the main reasons you want to use Excadrill is a counter to T-Tar, then Lucario can do the job just as well, or even better at that?
Also I don't think both of them would do too well on the same team, considering the similar weaknesses. You'd have to have Jellicent or something to counter their weaknesses.
Lucario can counter T-Tar, yes, but Excadrill abuses the Sandstorm. As for having both in the same team, of course, there would be a Pokémon to defend them.
Unless you're making a Sand team, Mold Breaker > Sand Rush. There's no reason to run Sand Rush on Excadrill just to counter T-Tar when weather got a significant nerf in Gen VI.