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What are the pros and cons of these two sand rushers? And more importantly, who is better in most situations? This is on gen 8 ou singles

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Excadrill is better because it's not almost completely outclassed by Zapdos.
What do you mean by 'almost completely outclassed by Zapdos'?
His excadrill video mentioned it only being banned in gen 5. New threats have arisen, like the powerful pheramosa . Also, excadrill was too overpowered in the gen because permanent weather. Being able to have ×2 speed and immense attack the entire game unless it's weather was cancel was too strong. Also, they both fill other roles. Excadrill can be a spinner as well as a SR setter, while dracozot is generally preferred as a hustle pokemon. Although, dracozot is in uubl and not ou. It can't spam bolt beak, as ground types destroy it. Hustle as a late game miss does t hekp its numbers either. It's dragon type is normally not worth using as a better dragon type would be garchomp. Garchomp packs bulk, damage, and speed, along with the useful ability sand veil, as a miss can turn the game around.
Overall, I'd say excadrill is better. As for sand rushers,  still excadrill, but if your using a sand team, consider garchomp.

Also I can post this as an answer if you want I got carried away :P
That video is outdated. Sure it is recent but crown tundra happened where even freaking Gengar dropped to ru. And like Dreepy said, permanent weather was the only thing that got Excadrill banned

@SleepyDreepy the problem with using Garchomp and Excadrill is that with either sand setters, they have horrible type synergy
smooth rock lets sandstorm be there till 8 turns which can be and is game changing. Not to mention that excadrill is not the only Pokemon in the team. A team can be built to cover each other's weaknesses. Which I did, thus making a successful team.
In gen eight that's not easy with all the very balanced Spectrier and Urshifu running around since you would only have three slots to spare

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You didn't try asking on smogon so I did it for you.

Excadrill is the better Pokemon; it provides defensive utility due to its typing, an Electric immunity, and can provide teams with Rapid Spin, which is very valuable. Dracozolt is an underrated option that has great mixed breaking potential, but it is regarded as less consistent and harder to integrate onto teams.

I just want to add to what Finch said; while Excadrill is certainly the better Pokémon, most sand builds can make room for both of them and are in fact better for it. I recommend using both, personally, for sand teams.

we can conclude exadrill is better, but if using sand team it'll be better to use both.
Hope this helps.

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Strange, I could have sworn there was an answer for this question last time I checked, which was over a month ago. Makes me wonder what happened to it

The funny thing is I even compared the two when you asked in smogon lmao xD

And at this point, I've already used them both and in all honesty, using both is gonna be tricky due to the horrible type synergy and the fact that you're gonna be hard switching them and not using a switch move
Yes it was mine itself and I hid it because it was wrong. I just came upon this question and asked in smogon. Glad this helped!