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Should I use a physical mega lucario or a special non mega one? If it's going to be special, I do think want to waste my mega for it cause lucario'so special is pretty good and there is no need for its mega form. Which one should I use? Note that this is for battle tree.

Special Mega Lucario is the set I run, and it’s really good.

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Use Physical Mega Lucario. Regular Lucario is too frail, and while Mega Lucario is still frail, it has so much attack power that it will OHKO everything it touches. Lucario's middling special attack and somewhat slow speed holds it back, while Mega Lucario has enough attack and speed to sweep through teams. It even has STAB Adaptability priority in Bullet Punch. I'd try a moveset of Close Combat, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, and Substitute. (Meteor Mash and Bullet Punch are egg moves, other alternatives are Swords Dance and Earthquake)

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Lucario should have substitute instead of crunch to absorb status moves and take advantage of stat drops from overheat and close combat. Meteor mash hits most ghosts just fine.
Bullet Punch is also an egg move.