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so, let's start with the basics...
Fire type moves are boosted in the Sun. Water type moves are boosted in the Rain... Blah, blah, blah, you get the point.

So the question is: Are Rock/Steel/Ground moves boosted in the Sand? If so, why do some Rock/Steel/Ground Pokemons Learn Sand Force?


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To put it simply, yes.

Rock type Pokemon (not Steel and Ground) have their Special Defence raised in a sandstorm by 50%. No move types are naturally boosted by sandstorm, however moves like SolarBeam and Moonlight are effected in various ways. Of course, Sand Force still boosts the power of Rock/Steel/Ground moves.

To answer the sub-question, a Pokemon's behavior, appearance or capabilitys may be what granted the Pokemon the ability. Otherwise, that is simply how Game Freak wanted it.

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