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There's a rumor about the reason Ash does not grow up:
There was an episode that Ash fell asleep and saw Ho-oh.
They say that he actually woke up in the dream world and that he was in a comma all the time!
Aaaaaand there's more to this rumor I just didn't get...


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Well, Ash doesn't seem to age, as he is still 10 years old, even though the anime has been running for 10 years now. But still, the creators of the anime decided Ash should not age so he could relate to the general audience, who are children, better. Not what you said up there...

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Hmm... just heard it over a conversation of my classmates... but it sounds all catchy and stuff!
I don't eavesdrop ok! They just said it out loud!
uh yea we believe you... you dont eavesdrop