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I heard from my cousin that the Sinnoh region was coming to the 3DS. I thought that he could be kidding, considering that he's the cousin that told me there was going to be an eight Harry Potter book. But then I heard it from a second person, so now I need an answer. Is the rumor about the remake of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum for the 3DS true or false?

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Nobody knows (except Game Freak) what games will be coming out next, but I think they might make remakes of D/P and Platinum because they are currently the only Pokemon games that aren't very recent and have no remakes.
Lol eighth Harry Potter book! XD no offense.
Non taken. I think he still believes it though.

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There is no real evidence

After searching the internet, I found plenty of YouTube videos and Tumblr articles of people saying "SINNOH CONFIRMED!" However, these are just theories and neither Pokemon nor Game Freak have said anything about the matter.

To be honest, it probably is a matter of time before the Sinnoh remakes do come out, but for now, we just have to wait for Game Freak. After all, ORAS was released pretty recently, so it may be quite a while.

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I am glad they aren't releasing a remake.
Frankly, after OR/AS, X and Y felt like guinea pigs.

I'd prefer Game Freak would focus on a new game altogether, rather than testing the water with what goes and what doesn't before releasing a remake that would take away the spotlight from the new generation/game.
I want Sinnoh remakes, though. Throw in an easter egg and make Primal Dialga look the same as the one in PMD. They can stop remakes after Sinnoh, but Sinnoh remakes must happen.
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As of now, there is no planned remakes of D/P/P. Neither the official Pokemon site or any other credible site have any news about this. So as of now this is nothing but wishful thinking.

Sources (or lack thereof):

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