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Morning everyone!

Some friends and I restarted playing Pokémon Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold and SoulSilver recently.

Since most of us are distant from everyone else, we would like to trade and fight online.

Nintendo WFC was closed in 2014, but we found some guides which suggest to change the DNS to use the server in spite of this.

Connection works, the game says that we are connected, but in the end we don't manage to fight.

The question is: has anyone managed to trade Pokémons and especially to fight online in 2021? How?

Thanks in advance!

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Should I turn all this into an answer?
I have Pokeman Diamonds but I don't think I can connect it to a computer or something.
You get a DS/3ds charger that has a USB port. Nintendo sells a charger that has both on one port.
I was very prepared to answer this in January and say something like "You can't do it in 2021 because 2021 is already over."
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You should be able to, as there are DNS servers for Gen 4 that allow online trading/battling. Remember if you are using a Giratina with Griseous Orb, Shaymin-Sky Form, or a Rotom form, you cannot connect to a Diamond or Pearl game, because those forms don't exist in DP.

Gen 4 Wifi connection is already super bad, I would recommend plugging your DS into a computer and setting up a WPA router on your computer


You can also try setting it up with a phone hotspot. The problem for you is the same as the problem for people who can't get the Mystery Gifts. The Gen 4 internet is just badddddddd.

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