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So a little bit of backstory, my partner and I both love Pokémon diamond/pearl as it's the game we both grew up on. They're a real completionist and when I asked them if it was possible to get Mew in the game they said it wasn't as it was an event years ago we both missed. I looked online and couldn't see any answers from the last ten years lol - Is it still possible to get Mew? (Ideally completely legit - I don't want to break their game lol).

I saw something somewhere about a Wii game giving you an egg or something? Honestly money isn't really an issue so if I need to get other games or whatever I will - anything else I could do? Would the Wii game work still? Thank you guys so much in advance - this will hopefully be part of our year anniversary gift <3

Not a full answer but you can use the Gen 1 Virtual console to glitch a mew, and send it to gen 4 maybe (?) not totally sure if the bank /transporter can go that far back though
@Ty, transporter sends your Pokemon straight to Pokemon Bank, making those Pokemon unavailable in any game prior to Gen 6

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If you deposit 999 Pokemon in My Pokemon Ranch, Hayley (the person who takes care of the Pokemon you deposit) will trade you a Mew if you trade a Pokemon Egg to her. However, the only way to get My Pokemon Ranch is through the wii shop that is not available anymore, so if you don't have it you can't get it.

This is true, but there are other ways to get one in Diamond and Pearl.

In Pokemon Emerald and FRLG, there was an event where you could go and catch a Mew. This is also the only way to get a Shiny Mew. However, like Pokemon Ranch, this event is unobtainable anymore, so unless for some reason you still have it, you cannot get it.

Now to the DNS server glitch. This is a very popular exploit used today to access events from the Gen 4 and 5 games. All it involves is changing the Dns on your Nintendo 3DS, and going to Mystery Gift on these games. This website should tell you all you need to know. However, you probably need to buy something extra to get a Mew. Using the DNS server glitch, you can access a Level 5 Mew in any copy of HGSS. From there you can trade it to Diamond/Pearl. But, if you have a Japanese copy of Diamond/Pearl, you can get a Lvl 50 Mew using this server glitch.

However, the Gen 4 DNs sever glitch is very... Impersistent. You need an older wifi router to access these. For me, accessing the Gen 4 events would not work. There are many guides on the internet to help you.

These are the only ways to access a Mew in Gen 4 without hacking. Hope I could help!

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Or by phone hotspot connecting through Cellular Data.
It's still very wishiwashy