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does it appear in Black? If so, then where can I find him? Does it go around in all of Unova?

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>In Pokémon Black and White, after obtaining the Legend Badge, when entering the gate leading to Route 10, the woman behind the desk will alert the player about the big storm on Route 7.

>Tornadus(B) or Thundurus(W) will make the weather more extreme in Route 7 when entering the route. Heading towards the second house on the route will cause an old lady to come out and pull the player in. She will then recite the story of either Tornadus(B) or Thundurus(W).

>Upon exiting the house, the player will be approached by the respective Pokémon, which will then fly off and will roam around Unova until being caught or defeated.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Roaming Pokemon

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Wrong,that's Tornadus.
It is the same for both.
Oh,might wanna change that tag.........
You are going to follow all these steps for both. The only difference is which you get.
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Check the electronic board in the buildings between routes, and it will say there is a powerful storm storm happening on a route. If the storm is there, and you walk into tall grass it will appear.

what will happen if I faint it?
They will disappear from Unova. Beat the Elite 4, and they will re-appear.