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What would you choose? White herb / Life orb? @Cloyster.~~
These are the details:

Cloyster (M) @Life Orb/White Herb
Trait: Skill Link
EV's: 252 Spe / 252 HP / 4 Atk
Careful Nature: (+SpD -SpA)
~Shell Smash
~Spike Cannon
~Icicle Spear
~Razor Shell



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White Herb.
Life Orb lowers Cloyster's HP, which will decrease the length of its sweep.
White Herb cancels out the Defense drop, so your Cloyster has more of a chance of surviving.

And also, use Rock Blast over Spike Cannon.

Thanks a lot Mew :3!
Not a problem.
lol with rock blast, thats my Cloyster's movset
It's the standard Shell Smash Cloyster set.
I say focus sash is better. Cloyster is really easy to take out and 90% of the time if they don't switch out on shell smash your cloyster will easily be stopped by any basic attack + quick attack.