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I want a cloyster with that moveset but don't know how to get it in Pokemon x and y. Please help me.


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There is a simple solution. You get rock blast, you need to breed cloyster/shellder with a person who can learn rock blast like omastar. Since shellder and omastar are both "Water 3" breeding Pokemon, you should be able to recieve a shellder who knows rock blast. Once done, the rest can be learned by levelling up. Icicle spear can be learned at level 13, ice shard can be learned at level 28, and shell smash can be learned at level 56. In the end, you have a shellder with all 4 moves you wanted. Since shellder evolves by water stone. You can get all 4 moves, that use a water stone. So, you have a cloyster with ice shard, icicle spear, shell smash, and rock blast.

Hope I helped! :)

Thank you both for helping me out.
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You'll have to breed to get Rock Blast, to do this get a female Shellder/Cloyster and breed it with an: Omanyte, Omastar, Corsola, Anorith or Armaldo, that knows Rock Blast.

Take the Shellder that hatches (which should know Rock Blast) and level it up, it then learns Icicle Spear at level 13, Ice Shard at level 28 and Shell Smash at level 56.

Then finally, evolve it into a Cloyster with a Water Stone.

Hope that helped.