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i want to make a mamoswine and I want to know what move to make it learn also it will have stealth rock (smeargle breding)

Is this in-game or competitive?
This is probably competitive, but it never hurts to ask. Cx
competitive i will use a focus sash to prevent it from fainting early on
It is bulky already, so Leftovers will be better than Focus Sash
i seen mamoswine´s get to 1 health with one rotom hydro pump thats why i want focus sash

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Actually, keep ice shard and freeze dry, but no icicle crash. Cause if you're up against a water type and the sash is activated and mamoswine does big damage with freeze dry, then use ice shard to get some extra damage
Swifter(you) sent out mamoswine!
Opposing trainer(I'll use myself :)) Dragoon sent out samurott!
The opposing samurott used surf!
It's super effective!
Mamoswine held on with its focus sash!
Mamoswine used freeze dry!
It's super effective
The opposing samurott held on with with its focus band!
Mamoswine used ice shard!
It's not very effective!
The foes samurott fainted!
Player beat dragoon!

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Your welcome :)
Mamoswine is not a Special Attacker, and therefore Freeze Dry would probably not do much. Icicle Crash is and always has been its most reliable move.
Naughty Nature and Freeze Dry allows Mamoswine to beat two of its best checks, Rotom-W and Gyarados. Check your info before saying stuff.