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I need a mamoswine for my team so I am going to catch a piloswine to breed with the moves freeze-dry and stealth rock. Please help me??

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freeze dry sux on mamoswine, js.

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You can either:

A. Firstly, you'll have to get a Male Aurorus with Freeze Dry then breed it with a Female Lapras. Once its offspring comes out both Male and with the move Freeze Dry, you'll want to breed the Male Lapras with a Female Delibird, then its offspring will have to be Male with Freeze Dry. Now with your Male Delibird with Freeze Dry you'll have to finally breed it with a Female Swinub, Piloswine, or Mamoswine and it will come out with Freeze Dry. Finally get a Male Smeargle with Stealth Rocks to bred with your Female Swinub, then you've got your perfect Swinub.

B. To shorten the process just get a Smeargle and Aurorus in a double battle some where in-game and have it Sketch your Aurorus's Freeze Dry with Stealth Rocks and breed the two moves to your Swinub

Hope I've Helped :)

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Firstly you will need to have an Aurorous with freeze-dry and breed it with Lapras. Then you have to breed your new Lapras with freeze-dry, with a Delibird. And lastly when when you get your Delibird with freeze-dry breed it with a Mamoswine that knows stealth rock. And you got your freeze-dry, stealth rock Swinub

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