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I've just finished a wifi battle with a trainer from Japan. His Mamoswine, Frost Rotom, and Abamasnow were faster than my Jolteon, Serperior, and Archeops. They were EV trained and bread to have outstanding speed. These poke'mon were faster than mine and I'm completely dumbfounded as to how this is possible. Can someone shed some light on this.

Speed Stat**
Jolteon: 187
Serperior: 181
Archeops: 172
These are their stats capped at lvl 50.


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Only one way this can happen:

  • They were SCARFED. They got a x1.5 Speed Boost from that, putting them in a higher Speed Bracket then you are.

In Mamoswine and Abomasnow's case, they could have used Ice Shard, which is a priority move.

This doesn't matter anymore but i feel like I have to say it.
Ice Shard was never used. Just Earthquake and Blizzard, but yeah thanks for clearing this up.