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I'm trianing to challange the pokemon leauge a second time but which rotom form should I use? All opinions and tips on training are welcome! Could you also say if you think my team are strong enough to retake the pokemon leauge!

Rotom (heat form) level 63
Ability: Levitate

Nature: Gentle_
Item: Flame Plate

Moves: Thunder_


Zekrom level 63
Ability: Teravolt

Nature: Careful_
Item: Zap Plate

Moves: Thunder Fang_

        Dragon Claw_
        Shadow Ball_

Serperior level 63
Ability: Overgrow

Nature: Sassy_
Item: Miracle Seed

Moves: Leaf Storm_

       Frenzy Plant_
       Leaf Blade_
       Energy Ball

Kyurem level 75
Ability: Pressure

Nature: Bold_
Item: Draco Plate

Moves: Ice Beam_

        Dragon Pulse_
        Hyper Beam

Unfezant level 61
Ability: Big Pecks

Nature: Quiet_
Item: Sharp Beak

Moves: Air Slash_

       Giga Impact_
       Aerial Ace

Simipour level 64
Ability: Gluttony

Nature: Serious
Item: Splash Plate

Moves: Dive_

       Shadow Claw
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Rotom you require is the Heat form .

And just telling you've got some cracks in your movesets , for ex. unfezant has very low sp.attack and good attack , so air slash on it would be a pretty waste .

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thats what i would reccomend for a team but i did research and if your to face alder you will need more training (i would reccomend all the new places from after the main storyline) also rare candys can help as well as stocking up on major supplies (especially pp restorers because my hdro pump almost ran out) also you might want to at least have a pokemon that knows draco meteor for the best results.

sources= pokemon wiki and a friend who flew solo with a water type and a celebi on the first pokemon challenge AKA=ME

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